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What do you really hate?


Of course, I looked up the definition. Wowsa, just why? What some people do to get their kicks… Possibly worse, how do you know about this ‘thing’? Wait, I don’t wanna know.


I’ll second that motion


Oh man that hurts just thinking about it. (shudder) I can remember wrapping myself or laying on a pillow so I could try to cough. Ain’t much more miserable.Get better and have those xrays. They can’t do much for a cracked rib but you don’t want a broken one poking something else.


Cards against humanity.


For a second I thought you were saying you really hate cards against humanity…I was gonna have to slap you.


Yes please!


Shoulda seen that coming…


Shouldn’t have said coming:flushed:


I’m in close proximity to him, I could kick him in the shin.


Do it. :joy:


NO!!! Why do you wanna hurt me? You u wanna make me cry?


Sorry… was under the impression that you were into that!


I was singing our song.


Missed that. Lol


Sorry showing my age again.


Yeah no kidding gramps!


@Molly_Mcghee should show you my army pic where I look like a baby, but I’m actually 31 in that pic.




Yep that’s the song, and yep I look like a baby in that pic.


Yes do it, and don’t forget the tube video…