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What do you really hate?


Lol. That is funny.


I was the perfect guy for the job. I had the dirtiest mind on the ship.


I’m poor for another week, can’t spend the $ on jack . lol


Sorry to hear that.


All good. I should probably drink less anyway… :joy: :joy::joy:


I don’t of course worry about my nails but I do use the same little heat gun that I use to rewrap my batteries I get the label nice and hot as possible with out burning up the label and starting the house on fire then peel it off seems to work pretty good for me ! NOTE: GLASS BOTTLES I have used it successfully removing prescription labels off of plastic pill bottles


Well I hate bikes that don’t work. I rebuilt an old mountain bike. First ride out the crank breaks, the chain comes off and wraps around the rear gears and from 26 to 0 instantly I went over handle bars into a parked car


aint it purdy, and ya oughta see the ones I can’t show in mixed company


As long as you didn’t spill the Jack…


Aww! I hope the swelling goes down soon!


Hope ya aren’t in much pain… and heal quickly…


I once had a “fantastic to watch, drunken bicycle wreck” In front of strangers too. :expressionless: Not implying that you were drunk @GPC2012. I Didn’t feel a thing till the morning but embarrassment.
The issue was that the assholes who were redoing sewers and sidewalks decided to take out a huge chunk near where there was a fire hydrant, behind one of those big electric boxes (l dont know what it is called but it is common on street corners near sidewalks and has locking doors). They put no barracade or tape or anything. They barricaded places that were actually safe, but not that friggin pit! I took the same way every few days and the sidewalk was there, then that time there was a 2 or 3 foot deep pit about 3 or 4 feet long until the sidewalk suddenly continued. My front tire went into that and threw me pretty far. Wrecked the bike so bad I had to call for a ride.


Sorry to hear about the ride.

You DO REALIZE that you should be able to drive now right? I mean since you just turned 16 and all… :wink:

Wishing you a very speedy recovery, and all the best to the twig and berries as well. /chuckles while grimacing at the thought


My office was next to “that guy’s” office. He would daily come in my office with a “What the Actual Hell?” look on his face. “you gotta see this…” After Two Girls I started closing my door… Some things you just can’t unsee.


Well you win the “what do you really hate” category for like a week! Rest up bro… It’s been many years since I racked my nuts in a similar endo …they flashed back for a few secs just now. So here’s wishing your junk a speedy recovery …if that doesn’t sound too flirty :wink: …and that eye!? Jeez~ [insert gender appropriate side hugs and back pats]


While I was never ‘that guy’, back in the early days of the 'net (back when encryption didn’t exist), I used to work midnights at a service provider. Not only was it generally slow, but that’s when the bats came out. We would log into the edge routers and watch the strings that users were sending out. Not only web page requests, but also everything they typed, like full iRC messages and stuff. Gadzooks, some of the things people typed to each other! Helped pass the time, but also showed me that humans aren’t always such wonderful beings. Learned some phrases and terms I wish I never had. But, gave me a few good ideas too… :crazy_face:


So what your saying is you like Alaskan pipelines.

If you don’t know what that is look it up on urban dictionary. :wink:


Haven’t heard of that; it must not have existed in the mid-90’s. Not going to look it up, especially if you accuse me of liking it…


Thanks man, Dr. wants me to get some xrays, seems to think I might have a rib or two cracked or broken


Yikes dude, get those xrays!!


You really need to I think you’ll enjoy it!z