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What do you really hate?


Yup. I had one shatter in the over. Full of peach cobbler.

I think it has something to do with the cool colored ones. The one I grew up with were the plain white cream ones and my sister inherited those and they are still good.


Yeah its definitely the newer ones. My mom had a set that lasted forever but I’m pretty sure they changed something about them since then.
I should just switch to metal dishes.


Back when I was young and stupid (I’m no longer young), I decided I was going to make my own homemade soft pretzels. Everything was going great until the part where you heat water in a Pyrex dish to dip the pretzels before baking. Well, that’s the day I learned that you can’t put Pyrex on a stovetop heating coil.


I really like how you’re hiding the tags, what you just want to see if I actually read this stuff?:rofl: oh and I’m not that sexist, close but I find my way to that room once or twice a year.


Stop dropping them.


I’ll see that and raise you one.

My dumbass brother took one of my Pyrex 13x6? baking dishes out of a 400f oven, emptied the contents, then proceeded to put it in the sink. Everything was fine until he instantly decided to turn on the water (before I could shout NO!!! in a panic) at which point two things happened. There was the sound of a grenade going off (loud as hell -our ears rang for a couple minutes) and the 3" deep dish quite literally exploded into a million pieces. No single piece was larger than a 1/4" (1cm for our friends in metric land).

I was dumbfounded. Still can’t believe he did that.


I was afraid to tag you in, can’t lie. I’m apparently already closely associated with you enough as it is.


I can’t pass up an opening, especially pink ones!


Its all my dear sweet fuckin children, not me!!!


I love kids, they are great for doing chores and keeping in the basement!


This is like when my husband decided to use my old corningware baking dishes and used the glass cover. He took it off the hot dish and promtly exploded it in the sink. Shards flew into my back, I am glad it was turned. Small shards were found in other rooms, behind closed doors, and still turn up in the sweeping once in a while.
I hate when anyone uses the Corningware that I inherited! It is the old kind, not the newer (not as good kind).


No joke. :joy:


This, yes this! I just couldnt reply fast enough on this phone. Haha


I keep finding the shards with my feet… :angry:


Hey have you heard there’s this new thing out! Shoes and slippers!


Psh. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


One time when my wife was pregnant (young guys, that’s a REAL treat by the way, living with a preggo wife), she demanded that I go get Chinese take out. As she was already in a less than cheerful mood, she decided that the Egg Foo Young gravy was too hot and proceeded to hurl it at me. She was about 8 months along so I was prepared for that, so I ducked and it went everywhere. Years later as we were deep cleaning the house preparing to sell, we found more than a few old Egg Fu Young gravy splatters. It was like Luminol at a crime scene.


But seriously use a wet rag to get all the little pieces up. :+1:


It literally exploded all over the entire kitchen and into the dining room…i keep sweeping and finding more… I’m gonna have to get out the mop.


That reminds me…

I really hate mopping.