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What do you really hate?


I hate that an hour lunch break feels like 10 minutes.


Same here! My original Corning Ware is a NO GO area for anyone but me. I still buy the odd (original) piece as I can when I find it. There’s just nothing else on the market that’s comparable these days.

Like yourself, I fully agree, “newer” Corning Ware is not the same.


You need one of these! We’ve had 2 over the years and they work great!


I hate my ingrown toe nail, image


Besides being funny… Some of us prefer “bare footin’!” (it’s a 70’s song/thing) :wink:


That’s just nasty! You need to go get that taken care of.


Hell yeah, I never wear shoes unless I’m leaving the house. I love being barefoot.

There’s a barefoot in the kitchen joke in there somewhere…



I hate that I don’t have any butter flavoring…

Edit: opps wrong person ment to tag @VapeyMama


Why do women have tiny feet? To get closer to the stove


Well I think that goes along with putting a load in the dishwasher every night!


Not from me at least!


There it is!


Why is a wristwatch a terrible gift idea for a woman? Because there’s a clock on the stove!! Ah, I feel better now.


Cool story bro…


You need to change that, stat!!


Only thing missing is pregnant…

But hey barefoot and in the kitchen, now I can tell that to my wife

And honestly say

That’s what she said !!


You need to watch your fucking language!


Okay, I hate that daddy can’t fix everything…

My 2 yr old keeps bringing me her blue crayon she broke and saying

Fix, fix, fix


Wax melts.