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What does "short" mean on my mod?


Not to derail but do you Mancs use a different type of cotton bud to us Midlanders? Is there not cotton on each end of the bud?


lol…no, I get them from work, it’s a wooden stick with cotton on one end, really long ones…you’re quite right though most people get the normal ones I didn’t even think…



Oh Thank you. Atleast let me pay you for shipping. Thank you Thank you, my mod is shot. Do you fix mods ?


Wow I love my ELR Familia. Mr sinnister has offered to send me one Thank you so so much. I guess in the future i need to have more the one mod at a time.


That’s a big no on paying for ship Lol… I don’t fix mods… I can but no time really. This mod I’m sending you can run on one or two 18650 batteries. Do you need any? I’ll throw them in if so. You’re still at the address I have from the christmas gift exchange?


Thank you. I have a couple batteries for it. You are so nice. I love this place.


Yes the same address. Ill PM it to you again.


Before you throw away your old mod make sure that it’s not bugging out on a shorted atomizer. In can be due to coils touching (if installed properly it will not short). Once it says it’s shorted reset the mod by getting out the batteries and/or check with a different atomizer that you know is fine.

A friend had similar issues after installing MyEvic on his Cuboid.


ok Thank you.


i’ve had this happen with a couple of mods, and found that you can sometimes fix it by

a: cleaning out the 510 connection with a cotton bud and some iso alcohol or something,

b: gently pushing the pin in the mod a few times, up and down.

the spring loaded pins can sometimes get stuck. also, try screwing your tank on really slowly and watch the resistance reading on the mod, to see if it’s getting a good connection on the way in, but shorting when it’s fully tightened. i’ve had this happen as well.


Sinner, you’re one hell of a guy. We need more people like you in the world


Thank you brother. Kind words from a kind man. :fist: