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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


For your Chai try the Thai Chia from FLV. Good stuff. Mix with Raspberry for a good mix.


It is probably very good. I have used their Panettone extract, which has raisin with dried orange and lemon peel in a dessert bread. The raisin element in that flavor is really tasty. Their butter is awesome at .5-1%, but the Panettone is good around 1.5%, others are good at 3% and I’ve read up to 6% for their Cherry flavors ( @R113?) , though I’ve had luck with them lower. Tough to nail down their percentages. Chai is a .15-.25%, very potent. Id try their Raisin at 1-1.5% to start. Im becoming a big fan of the NF!


I went searching for the name of that this morning for the flavor I want, found the other cereal and forgot what I was doing.


Happens to me all the time…


It’s probably my favorite cereal, I just don’t eat cereal as often as I did growing up. It looks like dog/cat food which made it easy to trick my siblings.


Sounds like you and @Ryuk need more meth! Oh that gives me an idea meth flavor!


Oh its 100% definitely my favorite cereal. But I quit eating grains and sugar so now I really want it in vape form!


Omg I don’t think anyone wants to see me on meth… :flushed: :joy:


oh I’m sure there are several members here that want to see you “ON”! :wink:


I used NF cherry and cherry Bordeaux at somewhat high % cause it’s somewhat weak. It’s a very good cherry taste. It’s a real cherry. Not a sucker type candy flavor. I’ve got NF Nutmeg also and I can’t really say that it’s strong but had plans to use it more in certain bakery mixes


tenor (1)


True. We don’t want to see you with no teeth and oozing sores


Me either…


As much FA butter you use, the meth sores would ooze that flavor so maybe it’s really not a completely bad thing.



An authentic tasting cottage cheese flavor sounds good right now, layer some peaches on top and yum yum yum


I’d like a Danish Pastry without any Cinnamon. I’m chasing a Cherry Danish with Cream Cheese icing. Anyone have a recommendation for just the Pastry aspect (preferably pg-free)?
I’m using NF Danish Pastry in my first attempt, but it has a (very nice) cinnamon layer to it that messes with the original idea. It tastes great, just not what i intended.


FLV sweet dough and ior flavor revolution pastry. It’s new. From them I’m sure it’s good and potent as hell. Not PG free but good and strong you wouldn’t need much I bet


My accidental discovery of mozzarella cheese juice makes me believe that a high % TFA Malted Milk and some yogurt would make a passable cottage cheese, honestly. Not that I intend to go about trying.


Another one for a nice chai tea. The TPA version smells nice from the bottle but i never got a nice mix out of it. Tastes a bit soapy.