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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


My job is done here!


Not so much a flavour? But a proper Fizz that pops on your tongue! Maybe even Space Rocks, Remember them? LOL


I’m with @JoJo about the tea, especially Sleepytime.

A PG based Chamomile on it’s own would be nice too but think of all the cereal flavors that are thinly renamed right? They could call this Bed Time Tea or Lullaby Tea.

I’ve also tried making NETs and they come out tasting grassy and/or earthy, not very accurate to the tea.

The other one I’ve wished for is Sassafras. The LA version is nice but not good for vaping.


TPA Holiday Spice tastes of nutmeg to me - maybe try that if you have it, before going on a nutmeg hunt :grin:


Cooked fruits, specifically pear and apple. Im tired of the regular version of both as none quite fit a cooked dessert style fruit. Cooked peach would be another.

Me too but i get clove with anything over .1% so if you dont like clove keep it under that.


Of course I don’t… :roll_eyes::laughing:


This isn’t a NEW flavor, but I’d just like one of these …

that doesn’t taste like this …


Cherry sc rf!! So yummy, totally not cough syrup. :+1:


You know they make a nutmeg.


Have you tried it?


Pm on the way


The only 3 cherries worth having

Cherries inw
Cherriy filling flv
Cherry SC RF

Sorry VM I missed was meaning to reply to @SessionDrummer

I would also like to add that is anyone has a better cherry than any of those 3 other than

I would love to hear from you about it


@VapeyMama I dug up my old notes, and am trying to recall it …

Cherry SC @ 2.5% (6-7-17) – Don’t think I’ve tried a cherry I like yet (haven’t tried the INW cherries yet). Must be a hard flavor to make (right) or everyone would be doing it. 2 weeks of waiting, JUST to see. This one is a hard one to nail down. First things first, the bad. It really doesn’t hit me as a cherry. Smelling it it smells like maybe a somewhat rainier maybe ? It doesn’t vape like one. It’s somewhat sweet, but with some tartness, and sometimes if you repeat hit it, it kinda tastes like cherry, but I’m almost getting cranapple at times ?? WTF is this ??? I’m repeat vaping while typing this. The inhale is a sweet fruit like feel/taste and it WANTS to be a big cherry on the exhale, but it’s just not there. You shouldn’t have to WORK IT to make it happen. Surely could be used in a cherry base mix for sure. The good, well it’s NOT chemically, or artificial tasting, and NO cough syrup here, but I just don’t get that overwhelming YES CHERRY from it. It’s in there somewhere, and it peeks out time and again, but the cherry doesn’t own this flavor. Mixer, definitely, maybe boost one or more cherries, sure, but as the just can’t see it as the one taking the cherry to the finish line. Super hard to rate. Purge, vape, purge, vape. Going to roll with a 3.5/10 here guys. Suuuure with this one vaped like it smelled.

What percentage did you mix it at ?


Thank you @woftam Maybe I need to combine them, as I have all 3.


Fair enough, its not a super realistic cherry, I feel like it falls somewhere between candy and real.

I just checked my recipes, looks like I’ve used it up to 2% with good results. And as low as .6% while still being able to taste it.


Ya i have been combining Cherries .6 % and Cherry Filling .4% it gives me quite a nice cherry but it is not quite there i should really put RFSC into the mix see how it goes (I would also reduce the others a little lower)


No no, I love me some CHERRY !!! I need to know the secret !!!

I just smelled the bottle and MAN it smells good. Maybe I’ll RE-try (been forever) at a higher percentage. I did get NO medicine/perfume notes, so that’s good.


I can second @VapeyMama’s impression that RF Cherry is yummy yet kind of agree with @SessionDrummer that it’s not distinctively cherry.

I also second @woftam about Inawera Cherries, it tastes very much like cherry pie filling. Make sure it’s Cherries not the other one; many people report that the regular cherry Inawera is crap.

I’d also like to vote for RF Cherry Pie. It’s distinctively cherry to me and hardly any crust flavor but again, it’s not the fresh picked sweet cherry that so many of us are craving. The fresh picked cherry is like the holy grail flavor I think, lol.


GOOD STUFF my brothers and sisters, thank you !!!



Uh oh, better go check what I got. I think mine is missing the “ies”. :open_mouth: