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What happens to a person's lung after vaping for a month vs. smoking for a month? (Unscientific, but still eye-opening!)


Hey guys! I was watching some YouTube videos when I came across these…I found them interesting, so I thought y’all might too!

Makes me want to show a lot of people who either still smoke, or give me crap for vaping…


These videos are terrible since they show nothing really. Both the cigarette and the vaping videos wold be accurate if our lungs were cotton balls, and we smoked/vaped one month’s worth of cigarettes/eliquid in one sitting.

But I think that everyone already knows that smoking is bad and vaping is good, and some guy is monetizing his youtube channel while preaching to the converted :slight_smile:


Terrible huh? Well, you are entitled to your opinion… Like I said, I found them interesting. Not that I believe this is exactly how lungs will look after smoking/vaping, but I know we have all seen pictures of smoker’s lungs…

I just found it interesting the amount of residue left from the cigarettes vs. e-liquid… and no, our lungs are not cotton balls, but it does show the way it covers the inside of a person’s lungs just the same…

I said it wasn’t scientific in the title…


One shows nothing. The other shows tar and other crap that although was a plastic tube and cotton balls in a jar, nonetheless those contaminants most definitely are ingested and left for your body to deal with. I did this to myself for 20 years, and I’m appalled I allowed it to happen. Unscientific, yes, but telling. I don’t want to post a picture of a smoker’s lungs here because that’s just incorrigible. But Google-Fu them and see some if you want…

And forget the pro-vaping angle. Just view the first video for a little anti-smoking ammo.


Same here, except it was 30 years. I know exactly what you mean.

One video I would spread around is also not really scientific but actually does some myth debunking:


i like this one also , its old but gives people an idea… thats all these videos are for , to give someone an idea of the difference …great post @Josephine_van_Rijn



Another “get an idea” video. The thumbnail doesn’t work but the video still does.


that was very impressive. the vast differences between cigs, e cigs, and cigars is amazing. I wish the misinformation would stop and facts be better known.