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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Awesome, nice looking guitar too. I hope you found a good teacher and if you are looking for more online stuff, check out marty schwartz and Justinguitar on youtube.


Thank you. I’ll check out those channels.I figured that one would be a good beginner. I take my first lesson tomorrow.


@robin Congratulations. Love it when people start (not sure if you’re just starting or not) getting into playing music !!!


Yes @SessionDrummer Just starting out :smile:


Power washed the deck yesterday. Today I got the line trimmer and leaf blower going tonight. Grilled up some world famous Ogre Burgers with cheese sauteed onions and sauteed mushrooms. Got one of the bug zappers mounted. Lookin pretty decent going into the holiday weekend. Good time to drag out some porter house’s and get down to some serious grillin.


please come to my house, man I got to weed eat my ditches bad, everytime it gets dry enough, i got to work or some other project going on,and the rain never stops !!!


I can do that. I’ll drop by for lunch and grab the ditches when I’m done eating.


It came for lunch, and everyone died.
But boy did the yard look nice!! :laughing:


Don’t like mowing on an empty stomach.


Who does? :wink:


I tried getting into the yard maintenance business but I couldn’t get any repeat customers.



My grandaughter Kit, is going to be a Rockstar Princess Momma !! lol


Yes, you are correct. Scott and Carol opened the sanctuary 22 years ago.
It is a truly amazing place, mixing nature and state-of-the-art facilities.
I have worked with them several times since the late’90’s [import/transportation]
They are S-SW of Nashville about an hour and a half.
TN also has an incredible Big Cat sanctuary W of Knoxville, and another
Big Cat Plus sanctuary S of Nashville in Attalla AL
We have another 23 animal/bird sanctuaries and rehabilitation facilities in TN
Mine has been closed since 2015, and 98% of the critters have new homes.


My friend left his smartphone unlocked, so now we have…


That’s awesome!


Got this a few days ago. Its an early birthday gift to myself I think im gonna need a retouch when it heals ,but i love it::heart::heart:


I got this badass custom wallet for Fathers Day it made me smile a lot #blessed my girls are my world


Why has he got marshmallows in his mane though? :wink:

Very nice!


Beautiful! :slight_smile: