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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Have a mini-fridge. It’s technically a wine chiller but we’ve always used it for water bottles and stuff. It’s about 15 years old. The other day it died. Compressor hot but no cooling. Turns out it was a $1.50 PTC starter relay. 2 minutes to swap out and back in business. Sometimes little victories feel pretty good. When you own something for a long time, you kind of get fond of it. I like my little fridgey and hated the thought of a funeral.


Pretty sure she is high AF


“Rimfire!, after a bad meal.” She is always goofy but yeah, VG aint the only thing she’d been inhaling.


That had me rolling.


Amazing huh?!!
Well done sir! Kept a good unit in service by just doing a bit of research (I imagine) and spending a pittance!
I hope you inspire a few folks by sharing the above!

Way to keep it in service, and out of the landfill!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :tada:


This podcast… amazing :smiley:


I had tacos in Tijuana a few years ago, and lemmetellya, there was some rimfire goin’ on that night!


Lol. Rimfire…this made me laugh.


Waking up with this guy on my nightstand made me smile today! :wink:


She’s flat out fupped duck.


yeah, she does another channel, or used to, where it would be her and other girl just smoking j’s in a car, fo sho that she’s rolling, like a log down a hill.


Barbie got into the benzo’s again!



this reminds me of a lonely island song


Yesterday dad and I played golf for the first time in a couple of years. The course was like Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs. Surrounded by mountians and beautiful flora. Twas a great day.


But Jurassic Golf is so much better !
Get your cardio and 18 holes in all at once !



My daughter being tugged along the road by Abbie (our dog) hell bent on investigating a nearby fox. Doesn’t sound funny but it was :wink: Seeing names I recognise still here.


This! I just love birds. One is hanging off my pinky with just his beak


I see a cockortwo (ok 2 cockatoo) on your shoulders :rofl:


I don’t know how you managed that, but these :bird: match your outfit or vice versa lol. Beautiful picture actually and makes me realize how much I miss being out door. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: