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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Got to write some real code. That always makes me smile :smiley:


Got my hangsen aromas to day, from vanillavapes.co.uk, which came with some butterscotch toffee and some lil extras. Love it when delivery is faster from EU than in my own country. Definatly up there with chefs. Love good first experiences when trying out new vendors :smiley:

(NO, not affiliated, just wanted to share some good customer experience).


First off all I woke…Had a rough day at work, but it’s all behind me now with a beverage of choice and a good Sqounk. I’m gonna eat and have a Air conditioned roof over my head. Simple things make me smile, Music, love and being content with the ones I love.


Man, I have to learn how to do the vertical as clean as you got them I for the life of me always twist those things to oblivion when I try to twist them rightside up. Still trying to perfect those, and have been trying to do my SC that way. Any Tips you care to share?


Thanks a lot @nicomanteno, not sure if there’s a trick to them, as they are just single wire, 6-7 wraps, but I have gotten a lot faster, and better over time. I’m not sure what you meant by rightside up, but coils are coils when you’re wrapping them, at least as far as orientation goes, that’s not done until you finalize the lead wires and/or land the leads on the deck. I have a very old tutorial I made for another forum, and although the coils aren’t as nice and neat as I do now, you’ll get the idea.


Thanks Now I know what I have been doing wrong, building more like a horizontal build and just putting a rod in the to twist it vertical = bad hot legs and uneven glow.


Ohhh, now I see. I just make them just like the pics, and sometimes after loading the deck there are minor hot spots, but strumming and pinching always fixes it quickly.


Again another smile for the day, yeah, Thanks I will get those SC to peak perfection in no time now, always loved them. got quite a few to set up for a new build next time.


Some people prefer horizontals over verts, but I’ve just had great luck using them, and haven’t changed much since I started. Perhaps horizontals wick faster with two tails, but I never run mine dry as is.


This :ramen: :spaghetti:


I guess my religion comes next. I’m an ordained dudeist minister :slight_smile:


Well, dude, if you come as you are for your ID picture I doubt you’ll have a problem. If you decide to turn up in Bat Mode, you probably will :bat:


My bat mode is a bit deceiving if you don’t look real hard into it :slight_smile:





Awesome I play guitar for over 40 years and I never stop learning something new I recently retired so now I can spend hours playing learning new songs and chords good luck and have fun the better you play the more fun you’ll have!


May the courts be touched by His Noodly Appendage and see the error of their ways!


Its harder than i thought it was. I only know four cords but I’m getting better every day. My fingers are getting really really sore. Getting the right finger placement on the fret is the hardest part.



Solidarity! :sunglasses:


I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years and I still suck :slight_smile:

It’s all about how much you practice


Aye, me hearty!! YARRRGH!