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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


This isn’t even the one that shoulder rides.


coffee and vape in the morning. and it just boost my mood :sunglasses:


Even fur babies would rather play with the box. lol


10 minutes later


He’s so tired, but my lap is occupied by another cat so he is just waiting and giving me dirty looks.


Hehe @Cutlass92 I know that look !!!


Oh I know you do, your fur babies are awesome!



My cat who can’t keep his tongue in his mout! I looks like I’m choking him out!


*** * Happy Tears * ***!


My ELR family is badass. :slight_smile:


LOL @Cutlass92 He’s VERY lucky to have found you and Miss Molly !!



He’s a very happy kitty! He meets me at the front door when I get home, jumps up on me and hangs out on my shoulders.


Dill Pickle Soup for Dinner!!


I had to look that up, never heard of it, first thought was yuk but after reading some recipes it actually sound good.


Hmmmm, have had fried pickles many times, but pickle soup ?? Hmmmm … Paging @Bob_Bitchen


A Polish dish recipe from my husband’s family.
It’s like a creamy potato soup with a salty tanginess from the pickles and sour cream.

Soooooo addictive.

If you like Potato Salad, there’s a good chance you will LOVE potato soup.


@Alisa For clarity, I’m not anti-pickle, I actually love me some pickles, and I do favor the Dill. I do somewhat, still FEAR the pickle however…



I have an uncle that drinks the brine from empty pickle jars.