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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Are you sure you weren’t using the V2? I thought the V3 was just now coming out. The 521 Tab mini included in the V3 is new to market and doesn’t need plugs.


Awesome, what a great time you are having…I’m frickin jealous!:wink:


Its a poetic statement of organization and cleanliness.


thanks @Maureeenie :hugging:


Very, very cool.


Oh wow…I didn’t even notice that, yeah you are right, the V3 is new and the ohm meter in it is a 521 mini tab but the V2 had just a regular ohm meter…I am not sure which one @BoyHowdy has but if it was 6 months ago I would think that it couldn’t have been the V3 so maybe his ohm meter that came with it and stopped working was just a regular one… I am just curious now if the mini tab will be as good as the regular for building and firing coils or just in general as a build deck…if not I might just purchase the regular one, but I do kind of need a whole new set up for building…


Here’s a review of the kit and comparison of the ohm meter versus others including the full size 521. It’s a good looking piece of kit. Only negative I see is the small wire spool cutout but that should be an easy fix.


You are correct , my meter is not the same as that one in the kit.I am even more confused now however, I didn’t use plugs on my mini meter that came with my coilmaster kit?
I am not sure what version of either the kit or 521 tab I have? Sorry
Here is a pic of both of the coilmaster’s that I have , hopefully you can see the white paper towel plugs.
@tbt127 My meter must have been the V2!


Yes, that small meter came with the V2 DIY kit, and has the new diagonal cutters, new screwdrivers, and coil jig V3.

The V3 DIY kit is configured differently, and has the new 521 TAB Mini.the newer screwdrivers,and the coil jig V4.


You have the full size 521 Tab and the V2 ohm meter.

The 521 Tab and 521 Tab Mini (included in the V3 kit) can both fire the atomizer as well as be an ohm reader.


Having 102-103 degree fever and having friends showing up with supplies for me totally made me smile.


Get well! :punch:


Thanks bro i am doing my best when it comes to that. :punch:


I hope so…although the hallucinations at 102-103 fevers are fun sometimes lol


Hallucinations would be preferred instead of the feel of disillusion when i wake up. LoL


@Big_Benny_MI - Thanks for that video, after seeing the mini 521 tab compared to other meters and seeing that it read the same as a DNA200 mod, makes me feel better about getting it and has actually made up my mind…I am getting the Coil Master V3 kit with the 521 mini tab instead of the regular size 521 tab…so thank you so much for posting that video!

@BoyHowdy - No need to apologize, you have been more than helpful to me! Thank you for your insight, you gave me things to consider while I was making my choice!


I think you have chosen wisely! Sometime I don’t see the forest because of the trees. I was on my phone and didn’t notice the the new Coil Master kits have a fire button on the included meter.
That is awesome!:smiley:


Yeah, the only thing that was keeping me from getting it right away was deciding if the mini 521 tab would be as good as the big one for using it as a build deck, but after seeing the video Brian posted, it made my choice fairly easy because it doesn’t look like there is that much different in the size besides the height of it is shorter, but the width looks a little less, but not by a significant amount so I am gonna go with the kit because then I get all the goodies and an ohm meter that fires the coils if I need it to!!!


I think it should be a neat kit , the meter was/is the only problem I have had with mine.The other tools including the screwdrivers look the same.I use mine often and the only thing I don’t use is the scissors.They will work but they don’t fit my hands very well and I already had a small pair of DuraSharp that I prefer.


I actually have the same pair of scissors that are in the kit…they came with a coil jig I bought a long time ago and they have served me well…they still work decently, but I hope that the coil master ones will be sharper or last longer…the way VapnFagn spoke of the folding scissors in the video I just watched gave me hope though…he said they are rather sharp and durable