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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My son just stopped over on his way home from the vape shop. He was helping a friend from work buy and set up his first mod. This is the fifth person he has helped to make the switch from smoking, one being me. I’m really proud of my boy!


That is fantastic! :fist:


Aaawww! How sweet of him! That shows a good character and loving heart in your son! It also shows that he had to have had a wonderful upbringing and good parents to teach him the right way to be a good person in this world! Good for you and your son! I am proud of you both!


Too bad you are not closer…
We could do a sweat lodge with some peyote [legally for me here].
You may/will have hallucinations/visions still, but you will no longer be ill.
Hoka Hey


Mourning Glory’s latest recipe got the email alert and thought I don’t have the ingredients. I was wrong


The message from customs saying they will deliver the package they have been holding back for 10 days. It will be delivered tomorrow.
A package with 4 attys and other stuff, all i can say is finally.


My new coils from @Whiterose0818 … Just loaded up one of his 0.3 Flat coils and some DaMomma’s Cheesecake v2 . Yummmmmmmm


20 bottles of juice mixed tonight! :grin:

Edit: 21! One fell behind the shelf.


Knowing that my order of bottles, pipettes, PG, batteries, and wire should all be arriving tomorrow at my girlfriend’s house. Can’t wait to get the batteries so I can use my rx200 finally. Also need PG since I’m out and only have about 10ml of juice left :sweat_smile:


Just got two new Birds :slight_smile:




Oh but look @recipecollector is "killing two birds with one stone"
Voop On brother man!

[DISCLAIMER] Apologies in advance for making a joke at the expense of birds :wink:


They’re trained attack birds … just really really tiny ones, Barbie wouldn’t stand a chance in a remake of Hitchcock’s birds


Oh! I just smiled!



My gorgeous little half price (her mums surname is Price) :smirk:coming home from school all excited after they celebrated Diwali and painted Henna on the kids giving them ‘magic hands’…she claims to have cured my flu now…:heart_eyes: there’s no end to this kids talents…


That look is priceless. Like well of course you’re cured! Don’t doubt me! :laughing:


oh it’s very much Price…her mum has the same look lmao :laughing:


This was just too cute and made me smile :slight_smile:

How to make your dog’s day…bring her favorite toy to life.



She is just precious!