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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


‘Resin Hybrid’ I think has a ring to it…:thinking:


It cant hurt to give her ideas eh…lmaoo…

I’ll just photoshop the birth certificate after :wink::ok_hand:


Yes! Then give her the photoshopped copy and wait for the reaction. Although you might need to be in full armor before you attempt this


I know a place where he can get full body armor before he pulls the birth certificate thingy :laughing:


zeppola does have a nice ring to it but naming a baby after a greasy berry donut flavor might not be a good idea. However if you gave her a vape of zeppola and she says she loves it, then you found your new name


If he is going with FA flavor names i think Liquid Amber will do it for him, maybe not so much for the mother or the child but i think @Pugs1970 will love it.


I genuinely do actually…

Is that wrong?..and this time round I am also determined to see if ‘Mothers milk’ is an accurately named flavour…:thinking:


Nothing wrong with that at all as far as i know, nothing, no no.
Are you suspecting that someone is milking mothers and uses that milk in liquids? All i can say to that is Illuminati.


Oh @Pugs1970 are you pregnant if so congrats mate (thats all the nice stuff said) now for the hang shit part.

Dude you have 5 kids? Is that true? All I can say if it is if damnit go and buy a new tv it will give you something else to do… I do have an line about taking another piss in the gene pool but this is not the time or place lol.

Seriously though man happy for you both.


lmao…NO!..I have 2…and one on the way!..unless you guys know something I don’t?..I mean it’s entirely possible…
I wasn’t a ‘shy’ young fella…
And I used to drink a lot…
many a morning I woke up on the kitchen floor with no recollection of the nights proceedings only to be greeted by the dog trying not to make eye contact with me…:rolling_eyes:

it was the cat…


I hope for your sake that you got those bad sleeping habits under control…


for the pets sake yes…the dogs didn’t mind so much…but the fish objected terribly…


And when you say fish in the same sentence as sleeping on the floor you gotta have mudskippers, am i right?
If not i don’t see why the fish would object…


Whew I was gunna say 5 what a handful (see what i did there lol)

Great news tho mate.


no no…I was referring to the time I woke up with a goldfish bowl on my head, a cat on my …wait
you know what…some images need never be imagined?..

totally had to google what a mudskipper was…can’t say they ‘did’ anything for me dude…not my type lol


haha…yes yes very clever lol…thanks man :wink:


Didn’t you tell me a week ago you were so slammed drunk you pissed your bed? Or was that your car seat?


Thanks for bringing that up…

I wasn’t drunk :disappointed:

I just forgot to do potty before I went to bed …


You can’t talk about ‘life changing’ and ‘puking up dinner’ and not expect the more intuitive gender to pick up on it, dear. I assumed you’d tell us when you were ready lol.

Congratulations to both you and your wife - and I look forward to seeing little PA’s Joy or PA’s Amber. :baby:


He might go for Stab Wood Resin PMW Priscilla in the end or Hybrid Hugo.