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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Bust a nut is the bomb!!!


It certainly is, I`m gonna look for a rich creamy toffee flavour to add to it for a variant.


This came in the mail today. I am very happy. Ever since seeing the @Whiterose0818 mod with it on there my interest has peaked on owning the rosary. I am so happy.


Actually fits me and my bluntness, lol.


Very Nice!!! I really like rosary beads. I’m not Catholic, but I think they are really pretty and meaningful!


Just the fact that it’s Friday makes me think about smiling a little more :money_mouth_face:


We had a hell of a storm last night, even some hail. If all that rain had been snow we’d probably have three feet! :flushed:


I’ll take rain over snow any day!


Well what do you know…:laughing: nice one brother.


We soo need to swap locations…


Well sad at first. I finished a 60 ml of @Alisa Bust a nut. Thought well I cannot get to my lab to make another. Tears up. Then looked in my reserve coffee cans and found another 60 ml that had steeped for a month. Oh happiness.


Hope this isn’t gonna turn into a help me name my five puppies in a row thread.


Ha…no…no it isnt…I may as well tell you actually seeing as I’ve slipped up on here already although only @Lolly picked up on it lol…
I’m going to be a dad again :grin:


And you want us to come up with a name for the kid do you?
All i can say if that is so is POOR kid to have to live with a name made up by any of us :laughing:

Congrats to being a 6th time dad. Think i heard someone say you got 5 already :laughing:


YAY! Watch out for a huge baby shower box from all your friends at ELR


We might have to nickname you Rabbit instead of Pugs


I thought we already used that name behind his back?


lmao…I don’t even get a say in this one…I named my other 2, although 1 of them is with a different mum their names confuse my mother (Kieran & Keira)

I tried to put forth a name but apparently Zeppola Therion Inawera Foster might get the little one bullied :disappointed:


I would guess Hugo after the arctic dolphin mod is out of the question as well.
And naming the kid Stab wood something is a bad idea…


Your loving brothers and sisters will assist with the new “help Rabbit name his new baby” thread