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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Better yet a fast car


Well now that Just “DEPENDS” lmao


Getting on a bit hell you’re within a few of me I’d think


Earth isn’t ‘within a few’ of you old man :wink: :kissing_heart:


You’re the one needing the Depends hehehehehehehehehehe


Yeah you’d know you were there when it was done oh ancient one


Watching my son feed the lions, tigers and bears…


@DarthVapor Those are awesome pics.


Congrats! Ya’ know, I wondered due to a few of your recent hints but thought it was not my business to say or ask and honestly thought you were saying these things because everyone else already knew and I was just clueless, lol. We could have a Vape Daddy shower?


We should all send him a mix because he will have no time when there is a little pugs. Free mods & free juice @pugs1970 will have more children before you know it.


He’s already got more than I do, not counting grandchildren, lol.


Congrats Pugsy!


Many thankings dear lol :wink:🖒


Thank you :laughing:


Clueless no that’s my job around here. lmao :blush:


…the thoughtfulness of ELR members such as @SthrnMixer! Thanks Man! :sunglasses: I can’t wait to mix up your Plumcake PGA NET! …and the Side Car juices to boot! Awesome! You’re one of the good ones! :grin:


Just read this so apologies for being late on the congratulations. That’s my smile for the day. Way to go Mr and Mrs Pugs!


Thank you very much :wink: :+1::relaxed:


Been smiling all weekend… The hubby got a job offer at a new conpany and is putting in his two week notice today!


That is awesome news! Congrats to you and hubby!