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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Thanks!! It’s a substantial raise and he’ll only be working 4 days per week. I’m super pumped!


Thats awesome news congratulations :wink::ok_hand:🖒


Thank you!!


Woke up with a smile this morning knowing it’s the first day of a 2-week vacation. No answering the work cell phone, no complaints, no telling people to bathe… no drama!


That sounds wonderful! Enjoy!!


Enjoy your vacation Marbles!


Thanks, I’m planning on just veggin’…

I plan to. Gonna get a haircut and get the dog spayed. Those are my only plans for the immediate future. Such bliss!


Smiling in knowing that I have friends that care about people on here. You know who you are.


I’m smiling to keep myself from banging my head against the wall :grin:
I was mixing up a big batch of an orange cream recipe with my newly acquired Real Flavors super concentrate flavors.
I was concentrating on my measuring so hard that I reached up and grabbed the bottle of Mixed Berries ( SO not anything to do with orange) and dumped 2 grams of it into my now NOT orange cream recipe.
:grin: <— See I’m still smiling


:grin: Looking at this picture of my beautiful Mom when she was just 10 years old!

77 years after this picture was taken… she still looks just as innocent and sweet as she did then! :innocent:


My Bride of almost 44 years is in her 3rd year of being diagnosed with Alhziemers. Some days are not so good, today has been a GOOD day…that makes me smile!


Here’s to many more good ones for you both. Cheers!


Thank you so much! That’s very kind !!!


So do you have a good mixed berry and cream? I make one called Berryum that is really good. Berries and cream go real real good together


Watching my little Oso play fetch with me, knowing he’s feeling better. Brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye knowing that this CHF he suffers from is going to take him from me. :cry:


This and that RF super concentrate “deep fried twinkie” has had me grinning from ear to ear:)


Testing a new mix and this swearing bird. xD


I LOVE that bird!


I’d love to rent that bird for a week and let him have at my next door neighbor while I was at work! :smiling_imp:


This makes me want to watch all of Marx Bro. movies over again for the 51st time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: