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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


1lb. Ground Hot Country Sausage
1lb. Shredded Extra Sharp Chedder
3 cups Bisquick

Mix all ingredients very well (until it is a solid mass)
Roll like meatballs and place on baking sheet with foil.
350 degrees
20 min. or until golden brown
Remove from baking sheet and place on paper towels to drain extra grease.

As in mixing I have made it lots of different ways with multiple additions
Maple Syrup
Cream Cheese
Hot Sauce
Different cheeses


So in essence a meat cookie.
Yep save time


Thank you ! I’ll be smiling tomorrow :wink:


Whenever @Cutlass92’s & my 13 year-old-midway-through-puberty son yells, he sounds like Harry Potter. :joy:


Makes me giggle every time he yells!


Oh my goodness!! My Dad gave us our Christmas gift early this year!! What an awesome gift and best gift ever! I cant wait till its setup!! Now I’m looking for a tv stand with a fireplace to put it on.


A razorblade and for men’s pubic hair. It had the quote

My testies are my besties :rofl:


I found the perfect TV stand! Built in fireplace.
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I’ve believe I’ve seen that TV in action and it looks great. Mount it on the wall, you won’t regret it!


I’ll second that. Best thing i ever did.


Yes me too!!


I may be a bit biased though, My father in law designs and installs home theater systems. That TV stand looks awesome too, the only thing I’d personally consider is how much the glow from the fireplace portion draws your eyes downward.


Putting mine on the wall was for several reasons. Mainly so my 2 yr old could not get to it. He can tear some sh!t up and didn’t want him to pull it over on himself.


Little demolition experts aren’t they. I told my wife first nice thing I buy for the house will be a shotgun for when they start bringing boyfriends home, after that when can discuss furniture. Until then get used to living in hand me downs or cheap stuff that may break.


Oh yes they are. I want new flooring, but, well, you already know.


I know but then come little granbabies. We have a 3y/o and a 1y/o. So I’m really thinking about the wall mount now. Little hands seem to be drawn to TVs for some reason


If you really want that fireplace stand they do make anchors that attach the TV to the wall to prevent tipping.


The rain came and washed away all that shitty snow… :smile:


Ugh, no fair. We got freezing rain covered up with more shitty snow. Booo. :-1:


Wax on wax off…