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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My 7 year old trying to be clever by calling someone a jack donkey instead of saying jackass… I know I shouldn’t encourage it but I laughed so hard at her sqeaky little voice yelling “you jack donkey!!” This kid takes after her mom… :joy:


New garage door! Our babies will be out of the snow tonight! No scraping and brushing in the morning. Life is good.


Reminds me of a story I still smile about. A couple years ago a spring broke and dented the yippies out of our garage door. So I ordered a new one online from a big box store. Anyway, they hosed up the order so I cancelled it. They refunded the money, but the door showed up anyway! Free $700 door! Don’t rat me out!


I’m sure they had it coming. The old one survived over 20 years so I’m not dissipated in it. Many crashes, broken spring, yada yada. This time just the cable came off but the door and rails had seen too many episodes. Like you said bent to hell, everywhere. Felt bad for the two young guys installing it. It was 9° this morning. We cooked them breakfast. Helped a little. Now I just have to get motivated enough to shovel or try to get the snow blower started for the first time this year.


The local contractor they had deliver it enjoyed the story. Apparently they yank him around so he had a good laugh. Anyway, he offered to install it (with new rails, springs, etc) for $100, so yeah I went for that. I never win, so that was a good story. I figure, after two years I’m in the clear now.


I wouldn’t worry about. I bought a generator online from on e of the biggies. It was not what i wanted and I tried to return it. I specifically told them that I had not started it or even put oil in it but they claimed that it could not be shipped because of "regulations. They refunded the money (600$) and told me to dispose of it. Uh huh, suuuurrre I did.:wink:


It’s like when you ‘forget’ to mention that bag of dog food or case of water bottles on the bottom of the cart, and the cashier doesn’t notice (or frankly, care). You leave the store like someone just opened fire.


Personally I would never do that but but with the generator they kept insisting that it couldn’t be shipped back. Other than opened box, it was exactly the same as when they shipped it to me. Bizarre. I did buy something else and did it locally. Now I have a backup for my backup generator.

I guess the next ice storm or tornado I’ll take it to a neighbor if need be. I tried to sell it but no takers. Again bizarre.


I cancelled the order long before it showed up at the door. And they never mentioned it had been shipped or inquired about it in any way after that. I’m genuine and wouldn’t try to game the system and… hey, quit trying to make me look like a no-good thief!! :astonished::crazy_face:


No I wouldn’t do that. I saw where you canceled it and don’t believe they would have a leg to stand on. My understanding is that if they ship you something under those circumstances it is their problem and you’re under no obligation or liability (same).


You know otherwise they could just ship or do anything. This just put a smile on my face today. This is a complaint filed with ebay. Note that he was lying about the item being "US processed)_

Dec. 12The seller refunded you through Paypal

Dec. 12 You sent a message
Comments I had to purchase this item from another source due to your dishonest practice of claiming the item was US Stock. I tracked it and USPS is not in possession of the item. Refund my money.

Dec. 11The seller sent a message

Comments HI Thanks for informing us the problem in the first place. According to shipment record, the item was updated on 2017-12-11. Dec 11, 2017 6:46PM ET Hebron, KY, US PROCESSED It seems that it will be delivered soon. Would you like to kindly wait for 2 more days? If still have not receive the item within 2 days, resend or refund could be issued as your requirement. Sincerely sorry for inconvenience caused to you. Best regards. : )

Dec. 11You didn’t get the item
You requested A refund
Comments First your listings state item location as US and “US Stock.” This is not true and dishonest. I have not received the items and want a refund. These are project parts which I would have never ordered from China because of the time involved. I had to purchase elsewhere after this long wait. I will refuse delivery IF the items ever get here. Refund my money.

Anyone think I’m going to drive 8 miles to return this? Ain’t going to happen.


Realized yesterday was my 1 year vapiversary! I didn’t know anyone who vaped, had never tried it, but decided that it would be a good way to kick smoking for good, because the craving to smoke never stopped. I first tried ordering stuff online, I could not understand any of it! Went to a local vape Shop the evening of Dec. 12 and told them I wanted to quit smoking but none of this made any sense to me, I needed help. I got a starter kit, a bottle of juice and premade coils. I came home, tried it, and loved it! I smoked my last cigarette that night. Dec. 13th was my first day as a full-time Vaper.

I couldn’t have made it from where I was then to where I am now without the help, support, knowledge, friendship and encouragement I gained from all of you! I am still learning - I think I always will be! Now I have vaping as a hobby and as the way I quit smoking (without ever having the desire to smoke once!). Thank you to all of you who have helped me so much! I might still be using that little pen style starter kit, only premade coils and commercial juice without your help! :heart:


Saw a salesman walking up the street… got a no soliciting sign hand written and taped in the window before he got to my door. Score.


The fact these people think I’m just a body moving… Good luck. :wink:


I gotta remember that one.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


Seeing the last door open out of the prison after a very long day. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


That made ME smile!
Congrats, and keep it up!! :thumbsup:


Congrats to you @Jenny1978!


Awe, thanks! You have always been here with advice or encouragement when needed, so thank you for that too!


Thank you!