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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I don’t why this still makes me chuckle.


Shouldn’t there be a “What scared the shit outta you today?” thread to put that in?
If I smiled, it was a very nervous smile.


Don’t tell my cats that there is catnip of that caliber out there somewhere. Hopefully the catnip flavored treats will suffice.



OMG, we made the mistake of giving our cats these little crack nuggets, wrapped in meth, bathed in addiction, now they go insane if they DON’T get them !!!



I know it! I have 5 cats and some like crunchy and some like soft, but they all like crunchy with the soft middle. All I have to say is “treat” and they are on it. Can’t even use that word in another context. I spell it now if I dont have them ready.
Also, keep them put away or in a hard case. If you leave out the bag, somebody will drag it under the table somewhere and have them all.


My dogs hear “cookie” and they run and sit patiently in front of the microwave. The Milk Bones are stored on the microwave station. Back when we had one cat, one dog, the cat would take the remaining slice of pizza out of the box and onto the floor so the dog could eat it and he would be satisfied licking the cheese that was stuck to the lid.



Snickers will (and has) DESTROYED every thing in the path to where I hid the Temptations. So much so, and repeatedly so, that I had to make sure they go into a wood enclosed space that is high enough that he can’t reach the door/drawer handles.

Hidden in a cardboard box, chewed through the box. In Tupperware. Chewed through it… The plastic jug itself doesn’t even stand a chance (I try to make the big box last my two boys a month). Wood was finally the answer. (… For how long, we’ll see)


Karma is a beautiful thing!


Why’s everyone always picking on me?


I told you I loved you first!


Yeah sure, “I love you” kick in the leg, as I’m telling @SmilingOgre I was sorry about the lube. I see how it is.


I am convinced you are beyond help.


But you helped me UP last night! :+1:


I’m calling fake. I wanna see the bruise.


Oh I’ll show you something


I said bruise not…nm not going there. :joy:


He won’t bruise, but I might! My toes are sore.





Don’t be so easy!