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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Low wattage right now. Sore throat.:-1:t2:


150w 0.12 ohms 540* F I cant get a good pic of my display.


I’m the opposite. Has to be even or multiples of 5…

0.14 ohms, 100 Watts, 480°… ahhhhh.


@Cutlass92 @Molly_Mcghee I really should try tc at least once. I gotta get the wire, but I am afraid I will have to beg for a new mod too. I really love my Smoks and the way they feel and the fire bars. I wonder how good they are in tc though. My wattage keeps going up and up, but that means more “dryish” type hits too on wattage. I just want a fast blast of vapor without a long draw but occasionally pay the price if I don’t drip on time. Lol


Get that $15.00 mod from 3fvape. And put arctic fox on it. I can tell you from experience there isn’t much difference between it and a dna mod.



They have black and silver left.


I would but already made too many impulse purchases this month. Lol I will keep it in mind for sure though. Now I am looking up WTH arctic fox is…




…and a little…cat


Oh, my Screamer makes me smile! He is my little hammy ham!
That cat got so sick when he was about 4 weeks old I thought he would die. I am glad to have that handsome kitty now.


Something like that will have to be my next gear related purchase. I am not comfortable updating a mod but if it is a cheap one, I could get comfortable. Haha


I need to get some newer pics of the Hammy but here are some older ones:


Sweet looking buddy there. Also nice shootin Tex!


It’s just a couple of clicks.


It has been a while…


Clicks terrify me.





Well, it actually made me LOL, while smiling. The picture on these cat treats I just bought. A cat in a suit dancing on a piece of cheese with a chicken that has a rainbo fro, surrounded by catnip.


Someone was smoking some catnip when designing that label. LOL