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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


That’s actually profoundly sad. I’m already down there?


Well you did make that comment sooo… :smirk:


Yes, but there has to be more than just us there. And/or, I must have some underlying redeeming qualities that can propel me from the gutter. Maybe I should stop making Freudian comments? I wonder if I can?


Of course there are plenty, I just had a feeling… Lol


This thread keeps reminding me of song lyric’s:

“falling for that trap that I laid for myself,
I"m constantly amazed by the cards I’m dealt”


Man, I really have to cut back?


Well since it’s expected of me I won’t deny you! Pink is delicious :yum:


Thats a nice color combo tough
Stainless steel - Rainbow - Green & Pink :wink:


Thanks, I think so too! :grinning:



I think @Cutlass92 did the choreography for that! How cute!!! And weird, but mostly cute!!


Yep that’s how I dance!


I thought that was cutlas’s mating ritual?


Damn it you! :rofl:


Never mind, found the original!


When someone doesn’t catch sarcasm… that always makes me smile.


Also, finding out I’m not alone in some opinions!


Oh, and this:


I went turkey hunting and got me a fat juicy one that was eaten by the tribe, everyone agreed that it was ripe and delicious. :yum:


any leftovers, can I have some?