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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


What’s with the “our” stuff Kemosabe.


Oh now that you’ve gotten what you want your playing innocent! I see how it is.


The hokey pokey is a dance you’ll have to do without me ole buddy ole pal.


Just stick it in and shake it all around! :rofl:


I found you doing it when you where just a wee lad!


Wife texted me to say the guinea pig’s cage was left open and she was mad at the kids for that, but she missed by a letter. Made me laugh…

“Pug’s cage was left open…”

I thought, Pugsley? What the? What do I need to know…


I can assure you Jo (mrs steampugs) would never leave @Steampugs cage open she knows better than that I am sure.


A title change was definitely due… :grin:

You are all my precious kittens and I love you. It wouldn’t be the same without any of you…even if you do drive me batty sometimes. :crazy_face: :heart:




Disney princess?


Nah, we just all sorts of crazy up in here.


If they keep me, Molly, and Cutlass around, you are safe as can be.


Us, never. We are all saints!


First snow of 2018


Ain’t that the truth! I don’t know how they put up with us!


Speak for yourself!!! I’m an angel.


Oh yea! Little miss perfect!



Not sure this will make others smile but it made me smile as my camera work has come a long way in a short while.

And it made me realise I’m starting to get the hang of manual shooting and setting up my softbox correctly.


If you’re a musician, or even just a fan, you can’t ignore the respect (and love – thanks @Sprkslfly ) …