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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I love you guys, truly. But sometimes I feel like…


Let me take the opportunity to apologize for errant posts. Completely my fault. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.


Careful there… If all of those happened simultaneously, I’d expect there to be invitations sent by Cutlass and Molly… :wink:


I do my best to keep it where it belongs, occasionally I get carried away and for that I’m sorry. But I don’t do it out of spite or anything besides fun.




Oh poopy, nappy bye time at the funny farm.


You’re in good form today Ogre. This may have been your best ever LMFAO.


@JoJo “the cat herder!”


I’m really sorry I am a cat. I don’t even like cats.

Sorry guys, I will self-moderate better in the future.


I used to like you… =P

Good thing you’ve still got a winning personality! :wink:


I don’t like cats either… still like me? :joy_cat:


I’m not too sure the staff agrees right now.




You, I’m not so sure… :wink:

Pffbbt. Who am I kidding? LMAO
Of course! :hugs:


Damn you had me going there for a split second, almost started crying!


Like you care what anyone thinks! :rofl:


I took advantage of LHIEAP it is a federal program that provides financial benefits to low-income households for home energy bills. I qualified because except what I could beg, I have had zero income since september 2017. I still don’t know if we can last till our SSA starts in april, but getting that bit of help definitely makes a big difference. Thanks again to you guys here who contributed, it kept us going and was greatly appreciated. Also even Joyetech made a nice donation, so be sure to buy one of their devices if you get a chance :yum:


Well I do like cats! I love cats, with ranch dressing. Anybody still like me? blahahahahahaha


You know how I feel about you!


Easy there Haas. It will be back to nappy bye time.


You know how much I love our “ naps”!