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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Sure thing! Oh wait no you won’t get it!


What an absolutely incredible and amazing turn of events. From inception all the way to resolution… Just. WOW. (Literally brings a tear to the eye)

I honestly feel like the Foo Fighters are THE biggest thing since Aerosmith in the 70’s (and one of the best representations of what it means to be an American rock and roll band, aside from perhaps the Van Halen era with Sammy Hagar on vocals).

Like how Def Leppard (first 3 albums only) was an updated representative for the UK’s Led Zeppelin…

It’s astounding to feel the level of love (and as you mentioned, respect) shown for the FF’s.

I have a completely new found appreciation, and feeling of brotherhood for our fellow rock musicians (and fans) in Italy, that I otherwise wouldn’t have known existed! Thanks for sharing @SessionDrummer!!

This is overwhelming as a fan (much less the musician side of me)… I can only imagine what it felt like for Dave and the boys. Much less Fabio!

Simply amazing.


Lil’ Festering what though? :wink:



Much agreed, and thank you, and you’re welcome.


I’m just giving you a HARD time bro!


Just hang on. I can’t see cause of the tears


I highly doubt you care what anyone here says!


I just blew my nose from crying and my contact flew out so I can only see out of one eye. Similar to my case of beer per day thing


Back to what has made me smile…aside from @Cutlass92 as a midget. I made a mix on the calculator only, then messed with it for a long time but never made it so as not to waste flavors. I finally decided to mix it then went ahead and made 120ml of it for a trip. Went up Thursday returned Friday with less than half of the mix left! That made me smile. The mix is old fashioned oatmeal cookie. It took the chair out from under me. And yes, I cried with joy!


I didn’t know I would look so sexy as a midget!


I’ve no idea why this came to mind, but today I recalled being back in high school back in the 80’s. I was a complete and total dork (I know, you’re shocked) and was far too introverted to approach the cute girls. Hell, ugly ones too for that matter.

Anyway, I had a mega-crush on one in particular- a cheerleader to boot. Every day after science class she would walk past class and I would pass her by when the bell rang. Every day I swore this would be the day I actually stopped her to say hello. And after that, I imagined her being happy I did, her saying she liked me too and always hoped I’d say hi sometime, and we’d become boyfriend and girlfriend, eventually marry, and life would be a dream.

And every day, I would be totally psyched up that THIS was the day it would happen. Alas, it never did. We never met, I eventually grew up of course, and actually hadn’t thought of that silly fantasy until today. I laughed at myself for being such a total dorkwad back then!!! Hey, you all probably have silly stories like that too. I remember wishing I was popular and wanting to be friends with the ‘cool’ people. That is so insignificant now it’s funny. Gawd I was a loser.



Just hit 1000 followers on Instagram! Woot woot! :grinning: Who else is on IG? I want to follow you (in a totally not creepy way)!


@VapeyMama That IS what she said !!!


I listed my Trimble 4600LS GPS survey units on ebay for $600, I think I paid about $6000 for it many years ago, I hadn’t used it for several years. But anyhow it sold! bidding ends tomorrow. I should be able to pay my bills next month. I’m getting closer to making it to my April 28 payday.


Well, not TODAY, but 2 days ago…

I’ve been talking to Whiterose for a while and he helped specify parts for me.
Had to drill out and file out all the openings in the box, looks ok, not perfect.

Here’s my new NLPWM v2 mod. It’s a handful, but works a treat.

Once I put in a beefier build (dual 12.5wrap, 3mm ID, 28/36 SS clapton @ 0.84ohms), it’s working great. The flavor seems better with the PWM. Same atty, build & juice on a “regular” box mod is seriously underwhelming. The Aromamizer Plus tasted better than my other attys, but on a PWM mod, its phenomenal.

Thanks @Whiterose0818 !

PROS: I love how this thing performs ! It’s awesome.
CONS: This mod case (N1) is WAY too large (I think I have Trump hands !) and I have to balance it on my pinky and grip with my other fingers. Sometimes I feel like a baby gripping a bottle with both hands ! :baby_bottle: (so I don’t drop it !)


I had listed my Trimble 4600LS GPS survey units on ebay for $600, the last second autobid war drove the price up to $680!
:smile: (as soon as the buyer pays)
I still would not wish my financial situation on any man, but I am happy to know I’m covered next month as far as our bills go.
Now I’m (hungry eye) looking at our backup car in the driveway, 2003 mercury sable SE, with no dings.


You can sell that on ebay too!


midgets and antique furniture freak me out!


Seriously? o0

Or just that exact combination? LMAO