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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


in a scenario where u opened an antique dresser drawer and there was a midget laying in it then sure me too!


I was thinking that too, price $1.00, shipping $2000.00.
I’d get a free road trip! :slight_smile: MomaCos said no, and the car is in her name :frowning:


Slingblade reference :wink:


Just got a $70 pair of jeans for $14, and then on my way home I was going 20 over the limit, sped right past a trooper, and didn’t get pulled over. I’m feeling lucky today!! :tada:


Finished this today! About 3 months in the making all told. I cast the resin, including a pine cone I picked up myself, stabilized and milled. Missing only a tool to tighten the 510… on it’s way though. Thanks for the help and inspiration @Whiterose0818!


Yeah, I had that too. Except it was with the Daniel twins. You know Cynthia and Brittany.

Yes way out of my leauge.


Loving the new Mentor Group avatar add on :grin:


That’s pretty freaking cool. I’m envious of the talent.


Thanks man! Not much talent really it’s more gravity and patience. If you
have access to a few basic tools (sander, band saw, drill etc) and a not so
basic milling machine. You too can do it! I made a vacuum chamber from an
old fridge motor and bought and modified a pressurized paint pot for the
acrylic to cure properly. Other then that, its just a pine cone I picked up
off the ground and some chollo cactus from ebay for $6. Oh…and
alumilite…and cactus juice. Well, it took me 3 months! It is fun though.
If your ever interested in getting a setup going just let me know, maybe I
can save you some pain in start up. Peace man!


Thanks for the offer. I love making stuff even when I have absolutely no clue as to what I’m doing. When I have questions, I will hit you up.


Today makes 2 years since I joined ELR and its’ wonderful family :smile: When I reached my first year I updated my profile pic and background so figured I make it a yearly thing. Plus, I kept getting myself confused with @Suomynona at times :rofl: (they say We Are Legion for a reason lol).

PS…super happy to see @BoyHowdy back!


better? :grin:



hahahaha awesome!


Finding my way back here! :kissing_heart:


Just thinking of my old friend @Pattie
And good to see @BoyHowdy back


My absence was partly your fault my friend , it was you that talked me into buying the Strat!:+1:
I also have been thinking about our friend @Pattie.


How are you doing with that STRAT ???


I love it , but don’t expect to see me on stage anytime soon!:disappointed_relieved:
I should have stuck with it thirty years ago , hard for me to pick up new things now.I do have fun though.:fist:


Yeah I just posted some Jose Feliciano videos I’m still amazed at how well he plays guitar


I put new front brake pads on my car yesterday, and they don’t squeak anymore.