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What if? I could take time to


I was entering my flavors in my stach, (time consuming but verry good app here on elr)and i was thinking, what if it could also keep me inform of the date and the quantity!(by counting the recipe i make)
If i could take the time i would develop my personal spread sheet to calculate this… just a thought and merry chrismas to all!


Do you mean so it will deduct how much flavouring you’ve used to tell you how much you have left? If so, I think this is something @daath has in the pipeline :+1:


Yes that way i can plan to buy what i need, or if i have enough to mix… it happened to me i went out of flavor, forgot to check first …


If you’re interested in an excellent offline e-liquid calculator you can check this one out.
It will track inventory, costs, steeping reminders, vendors and anything else you could possibly think of…
The Juice Calculator

Edit: Windows OS only.


It’s in the plans :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, but i run on ipad… for now.