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What is this mod?


This might be a long shot… But does anyone know what kind of mod this is? Ignore the nasty tank.



An IStick 50 watt of course, covered with a silicone protective jacket. Just pull off the jacket and see for yourself.


Sweet, thanks!


You are most welcome. Damn, you sure were quick with your response. Grin.


I try. :wink:


I ended up picking this up. My friend buys storage lockers in auctions and sold me the mod and a bike for my son for $40. I had him plug it in to see if it would turn on and it started up, so good deal I think! Its charging the rest of the way at the moment, so we’ll see if it holds charge. I did test it out with the little bit of charge that was on there and it seems to be in working order.
And I told him to go ahead and throw that gross tank in the trash. Lol


I love mine. It has been rock solid for me while a dozen other mods have died or flamed out. But who knows, I just had two IStick 20’s go bad on my wife and I in the past week, and I thought they were pretty solid, too. One of them just decided to fire the atomizer endlessly, and I barely got it off the mod before the entire rig got too hot to touch. Sobers one up, or maybe makes one drink, depending on dependencies.