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What is this thing called?


It crossed my mind to post some of the interesting results I’ve gotten in this search. :rofl: Please, by all means share! :wink:


Here you go, thought you might like this!


Liiiike… Pu… ahem :smiley_cat: rings?
First thing that came up when I searched “cell phone hook”. :laughing:


I don’t know what that has to do with this thread, but you won’t get any arguments from me! I do like that!!


Nothing just thought you would like it!


I’m not exactly sure what that particular “hook” is called, but something that hooks over or onto another thing to secure it is called a hasp.


Wait a minute, how do I access THAT part of the site ?



You have to be naughty and get put in the corner.


dude it put me there right away! it must have looked at my cookies!


retaining hook/latch ??? I dunno


I also like that!!


The Trademarked name for those are called Suspenderz hooks. good luck with that on google though.


Well I knew you would!


I flagged your smut as inappropriate, this is a serious thread and there is no need for pornography. I hope the admins make haste and remove that sick and disgusting picture. Shame on you.

What if there were children on here looking at that?


YAY! That’s obviously it since 4 of the 5 results show exactly the tablet case these are on. Now to find someplace that sells just the hooks. Google tries to correct the spelling to ‘suspenders’ and also shows me hundreds of wrong types of suspender clips. At least it’s a hot lead! Thanks!

Do the naughty pix have to wait for tomorrow in the naughty section? Asking for a friend. :innocent:


Shut up Troel, you’re DRUNK! :heart:



Tell your “friend” that they can start whenever they’d like. :wink:


Because googling ‘leather straps with hooks’ turns up all kinzah kinky stuff…so I’m told. :smirk: