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What NIC do use, Freebase or Salts?


JUST received my first ever NIC Salts from @Nicotine_River and am still testing low mg sub ohm and high mg MTL. Although I can attest to a seemingly faster absorption rate, I’m still testing and undecided. So then I thought, “I wonder what everyone is using”, hehe.

If you have thoughts, pro or con, salts or freebase, please post up.

  • Freebase Nicotine
  • Nicotine Salts
  • Both
  • Neither
  • What’s Nicotine ?

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I’ve only had very limited experience with nic salts. I received several bottles of juice from a friend that had salts at 3mg (I normally vape at 1mg). Here’s what I noticed. Throat hit from the 3mg salts was just barely more than 1mg freebase, and much smoother than 3mg freebase. The salts seem to have a different feel on the inhale than freebase. I can feel it hitting the top of my throat and sinuses and its almost a dry feeling. Its not at all unpleasant, just different. To my surprise I didn’t notice a fast nic buzz with the 3mg salts compared to 3mg freebase, nor did I notice a big difference in how fast it wears off. Maybe those things would be more noticeable at higher nic levels though.


I hate the term freebasing (or freebase), makes me think of those using or mixing illicit drugs, terrible connotation for diy in the ejuice community imho of course.

At least Wikipedia mentions nic in the definition.


@VapeyMama I have to say, I think you NAILED IT (again) ^^^^^^^.
I did chain vape a bit and can attest to the faster uptake of the NIC. I guess maybe my existing NIC is smooth enough, where I haven’t noticed any smoothness differences yet. Perhaps my higher MTL tests @ 16mg will reveal that.


Hehe, I hear ya @CallMeTut. What should we call it ?


Basenic sound good, totaly whit @CallMeTut on this one. You beat me on the reply…


I’m good with Base NIC.


i had an experience only with a cartridge (1,5ml) of 50mg nic salts… as i have posted before, the nic intake feeeling was great :slight_smile: while even if it was MTL the hit on the throat was WAY WAY less that i could even imagine… i could be getting the same throat hit even with a 18 normal nic or something… never made a juice with nic salts base but i hope to try in the future in my normal nic level :slight_smile:


We should call it regular or Diesel. So when you tried it or mixed with it did you mix it with regular also?


Hate to argue but isn’t that too much like Nic base? which could, ofc, equally include Nic salts or…ummm, the usual stuff.

I looked into Nic Salts for a while. Was strongly tempted to experiment with em, But
a) coudn’t find a British supplier, was hesitant to order from abroad
b) I read (in multiple places) that they are more addictive than the freebase nic…on a par with smokes! Now , for somebody weening thenselves off tobacco, that might actually be a big plus. But for the rest of us…?


I kind of want to try it. I guess what I’m trying to figure out with mixing it is - do you just replace the nic-salt solution at the same percentages like you do with your standard regular gasoline recipes? Anyone know?


Freebase. I would love to have no addiction someday and vape just for pleasure when I felt like it. Over time the throat hit and harshness of the nicotine has caused me to lower my nic levels. I anticipate that will continue with time. I don’t like a nic “buzz”. I guess to punctuate that, over they years I have dropped using everything that gave me a “buzz”. I have really come to enjoy being “buzzless”.


I use nicotine river nic salts and I use it just like normal nic. It is 100mg/ml. I don’t hardly notice it at all because I vape at 6 nic. All my diy bottles are clear and the nic doesn’t make the juice darker which I find weird. Even my juice that is 3 weeks old is clear with 6 nic in them.