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What Nic Strength


Wondering if I need to try a higher strength.
About 2 years ago when smoking an average of 20 to 30 rolled cigs a day, I decided to have a go at vaping, bought one of the cheap £10 pens and a bottle of 18 mg tobacco flavoured juice, that was it never had another cig for a good 8 months or so.
Anyway to cut a long story short I started smoking again, back to my normal. then I started to vape again with bigger mods but Only 3mg Nicotine, I automatically thought I would stop the cigs again but I do still have about maybe half a dozen a day, although I do like the taste of my e juice just can not kick the smoking habit completely like I did before.
Anyone else still have the odd fag now and again ? might up the Nicotine strength to see if that works.
Cheers Kevin


I did up until 2 months ago have the odd fag here and there I actually lowered my vape nic to 8 but switched up my flavourings went from sweet fruity flavours to heavier creamier flavours since then I’ve not had a single one


I would raise the nic from your 3mg to maybe 6mg and see if that doesn’t help. If it doesn’t you can go even higher and try 12mg.


well i would suggest you try at 6mg… i think it’s a fair enough nic amount…

i always suggest 6 for start… and later if it goes well try again for 3mg…

6 is a good amount to start… if you’re not doing well with it… go higher (like 9 or even 12 i would say 9 for start to see how this work)
if you’re doing very well… go at 3 mg…

though changing from stinkies to ecig i would say that there is a small period of time that you need first of all to disciple yourself for NOT getting a traditional cig in your hand but just vaping… while at the same time i think that a period of like 2-3 weeks is fair enough to see how you’re doing with your nicotine…


I’ve tried a few cigs since vaping and was like yukiee poo poo tasting. So I really havnt gone back. Iwas in car wreck acouple days ago, and successfully didn’t have any desire to get a pack of cigs.

At this point I vape 1.5mg nic and 3 and 6mg is harsh to me. So in a pinch when I know I don’t get to vape too much (like traveling) I’ll go for a 3-4mg juice. But other than that no desire to go above the 1.5

I do have to say, is that there are other chemicals that keep you addiducted to the cigs. It can take 4-6 weeks…felt like to me…for them to flush out of the system. Until then I still yad strong desires to have a cig


My son has this problem once in a while. He keeps some hi nic juice around to satisfy that craving think 18mg. He normally vapes 3 mg. As others have said try 6 see how it works for you. Keep going up until something works for you. Try different flavors. Let us know how it goes.


@kevin46 My experience has been it VERY much depends on what STYLE of vaping you’re doing. For me I run two different mixes, I have quick easy MTL (Mouth To Lung) tanks where I run 14-16mg, but on ALL of my subohm tanks DTL (Direct To Lung) I run 3mg. MTL hits are much smaller, so I needed the higher NIC, DTL however is a cloud maker, much more vapor, and much lower NIC @ 3mg.

As others have said, step it up bit by bit till you don’t need the analogs. :slight_smile:
If you start getting sick to your stomach, or dizzy, then you can back it down a bit…


First off, I’m amazed the “cheep pens” worked for you at all. Mouth to lung and or restricted vaping is usually a good place to begin and maybe even stay in vaping. Get a decent AIO or all in one of some sort. There are a lot out there. You can also get some good attys for a standard mod that are great for mouth to lung. I bought both 12 and 18 mg when I used them. You’ll know when you have enough. You will stop craving the nicotine. You may crave other “triggers” but not the nicotine. After years of a habit everything involved in it becomes natural and normal. The feel of the lighter. The sound of the lighter. Drawing to get the thing lit. Everything can be a draw back to them. Each trigger needs to be addressed in it’s own rite. After vaping for awhile your body will tell you if the nic is getting to be too much. Too harsh on the throat was what I experienced and lowered my nic because of that. It was a natural evolution. I lowered it and was still satisfied. If you do progress to a sub ohm tank and start using higher wattages the formula changes. 18mg in an all in one mouth to lung is equal to about 6mg in a fire breathing sub ohm tank. The whole delivery system becomes intensified.

I wish you the best! There are a lot of triggers to conquer. I would love to say if I can do it anybody can but I know better. Some make it. Some don’t. But you do have a wonderful support group here as long as you want to try.


It could be that upping your nicotine level will help, but it might also be that you need to replicate the other “feelings” of a cigarette in addition to increasing your nicotine. A tighter drawing atomizer or even a higher PG level to give that “throat hit” that comes with traditional tobacco would most likely help get you through the initial psychological withdrawl. Remember-If it was just a wuestion of getting the appropriate level of nicotine, the patch, lozenges and gums would have a much higher success rate for people trying to break their addiction.


How much nicotine to use depends a lot on your equipment, as well as. I tend to like/need a bit more nicotine than a lot of people, and I use some really different setups at different times. I mix different levels for different setups. With even a pretty decent MTL setup like the Nautilus 2 with the 1.8 Claptons at around 20W I prefer 12-18mg, but for DTL dripping, around 0.4-0.5 ohms at higher (but still pretty low- like 35-50W, depending,) I usually mix at 6mg. I also mix different recipes for different strengths, because subtle recipes don’t stand up very well to 18mg… Don’t take the ohms, watts, etc. I mentioned as too significant though, because there are a lot of other factors involved. You just have to experiment till you find the right level for your needs and equipment.

One thing I think is that if you’re still smoking, and want to stop completely by vaping, it’s better to err a bit on the high side with nicotine (one of the nice things about DIY is that you can experiment with this really inexpensively, and be much more sure of the nic level you’re using than you could with commercial juice.) I’d push it up until you get a bit light-headed, maybe even just slightly queasy. You can always pull it back later, but… there are enough things you’ll miss about smoking at first that you don’t want nicotine to be one of them.

I started vaping with 24-32mg juice. The devices back then were much less efficient, and 32mg especially would be very high for any modern setup. But it was still pretty high even on the eGos of the time, and I think that really helped me. I was a pretty hardcore smoker though.


At work when I can only hit my mod a few times a day I run 10 mg of nic but at home i’m at 6mg it’s hard for me to go lower than 6mg


I smoked for 43 yrs.bought a $10.00 pen just press the button and there you go I quit 2015 that day and went back to the vape store bought a mod/tank and juice and never touched another cig. again it was 6 nic. now I have about 40 flavors,scale 50 30 ml bottles and 20 60 ml bottles I mix my own,if you are serious about quitting you can do it.this is a life style (just as smoking was) I never felt better in my life I can smell every thing food taste better the world is just better with VAPING commit and you will see the difference


Thanks for advice. I am going to up the Nicotine level step by step and try that way.
Anyone tried this place before? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/72MG-NICOTINE-SOLUTION-USP-EP-GRADE-PG-OR-VG-DIY-UK/263097272690?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=562096667140&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 cheapest I’ve found so far in the UK.
Thanks Again Kevin


I wonder if you guys can help me.
I’ve started doing my juices following a friend tips. I’m doing 10ml bottles with a previous flavoured 50/50 VG/PG and adding 0.1ml of Nicotine(I understand some people use other measures but bare with my ignorance).
My question is; am I doing it to soft or to strong for a pack a day regular cigarette smoker?
Hope You can help me.


What strength is your nicotine that you’re using? If it’s 100mg/ml then .1ml in 10ml would be 1mg juice. That’s pretty low for someone just coming off of a pack/day. Most people start anywhere from 6mg-18mg. BUT if you like it and its working for you, there’s definitely nothing wrong with it. :wink:


And just to add to what @VapeyMama said… if your using a mtl device 8-16mg and a cloud chucker dtl 6-9mg (9 is pretty high) to start the transition.

The key is starting where it keeps you off the cigs and look forward to cutting back the nic when ready.

For me I started with one bottle of 8mg for mtl and a step down bottle of 6mg. Then overtime reached my happy place of 1.5


my 2¢:
Here are the steps to calculate your best nicotine level.
If you were smoking 20 cigs at 6 mg each your daily intake was 6x20=120 MG.
Now the question how many ML of liquid do you vape? if you vape 10ML daily, you can make your liquid 12MG because 120/10=12.
If you just want to vape 5ML per day you might need 24MG liquid, which IMO is the strongest you should make your liquid.
A list of all the cig strengths can be found here:


Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
Yes the Nicotine I’m using is 100mg/ml.
Indeed, I don’t feel satisfied specially after a meal. I haven’t quit smoking totally i´m still in an 8 cig/day. Maybe I’ll increase the Nic dose a bit then :wink:
Thanks again


Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
I’m using a sub ohm device- an al85 (no promotion intended :wink: )