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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Yes it is… It’s still a WIP. I’ll pm you a shareable version.


No worries. Will vape with caution.


thank you Pro !


Tastes good, it just needs to be creamier to capture it better - will probably pump the LB VIC to 3 - 3.5%


Adapted this one

Mixing now roughly 1.5 hrs left

Edit: turned out pretty good friend says taste just like a strawberry margarita…


Currently vaping a simplified version of my Fried Banana recipe. It’s interesting, but I think I’ll be sticking with the more complex version…Still I think I’ll play around with this recipe. Has the potential to be a good banana cake.


Just mixed up


@Fozzy71 @fidalgo_vapes @ADKmac


Never used RY4 Double before, all advice / criticism is welcomed, thanks.


I think that GC is way high for so little RY4 D. I would like GC more at 1-2% max. Not that is a bad mix but IMO you will not understand the RY4D.


My bad and I retract my earlier reply… I only read the OP’s recipe and didn’t realize he asked for comments… Sorry for the reply.


:slightly_smiling_face: All good sir.


:slightly_smiling_face: What I was try to say to him is that he will not understand the new for him flavor (RY4D) with so much GC, nothink bad for the mix (sorry for my poor english)


Something totally missed by not reading his full reply. The person I mix the RY4D recipe likes the RY4D at 12% and GC @ 3%.


Monday I can mix this , just ordered that french toast earlier so I can have a better breakfast with my coffee


:slightly_smiling_face: If you not bother, Soho FA Flavor contain 10% Ethyl Maltol and FA recomment to dilute at 20%. Because ethyl maltol is not a real sweetener, it smell like sugar or burnt sugar or caramel but it is not really sweet in taste, like let’s say, sucralose.


@Lexie3 Almost everyone that’s tried the version 1 RF SC French Toast loved it, including me. I am anxious to try ^^^ recipe to see how it changes it. Stay AWAY from the Version 2 IMO.

Continuing the discussion from Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 1):


Uh oh, I only saw one, with my luck I ordered the ver 2. I only ordered it after reading the tasting notes. Guess I will find out Monday


@Laberythm @Pro_Vapes Thanks for the replys.

The recipe has turned out quite well imo, the GC might be better around 2-3% as you suggested but the RY4 is really in your face, (I remember the taste from Waynes Pistachio RY4-U) waiting on the VC to come through a bit more, I should have maybe gone 5-6% on it.


The first 2 revisions were good so a revision 3 was imminent.

Frothed to perfection by hand :wave: :laughing: