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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Late night mixing session done. Simple flavor profiles.


I cleaned up my rig (rewicked and squeaky clean) and after only 7 days steep the Classic S’Mores ain’t bad. I can tell there much potential with another week or two steep time. I know how chocolates change over time, and this seems like a correct choice (FA). I was curious about the Marshmallow @ 6% but it’s a key flavor here and the mouthfeel and sweetness is a nice freebie. Thanks for the share @SessionDrummer! I bet you tried Toasted Marshmallow and it didn’t work …Caramel …smart. It’ll be interesting and informative to watch this “mature” over the next couple weeks …I just couldn’t WAIT! :innocent:


@BoDarc Thanks for trying it out. Did spend time with TPA TMM, even FA Black Fire, and each pulled it off profile, and not in a good way. Something magical seems to happen going past the 2 week steep on both mixes. The FA Choco changes and melds in the classic , and the CAP GC shifts and blends in the golden, very interesting .

Looking for all feedback I can get my hands on, especially after the 2 week min. steep time.


Transferred 60ml of RY4 Custard Rev1 (Left) and New Years Custard Rev3 into some old glass bottles for steeping, I’m really struggling to let my mixes steep for even 1 week but these really need it, this should hopefully help


Hell man, I have trouble waiting a day.


I’ve been mixing some variation of this for about a year, I really like it even though it is 100% cream free. Hope someone will try it and tell me how to make it better. For me it tastes pretty close to the juice. I usually use a little stevia, this time I tried CC instead.


Taking a BREAK from da Smores !!!

I need a break…


Was thinking of Willy Wonka

Initial taste is good. Taste like a snozzberry.

But needs to sit at least a week before or goes to taste testing


How would u know or want to know this?


Initial taste test , I like it

Passed the Initial wife aroma test. She got to like what I vape in the house…


How did it turn out (push ups)?

I know I had my version apparently with orange shisha inw and tangerine flv. I had to boost the LB and tangerine a bit. Sadly I didn’t mix orange cream tpa and mine and thinking of mixing it with milky undertone and vanilla shisha inw.


This steeped about four weeks mostly just as a test of RY4D.

It was way too rich for me so I added half a tank of my RF Peach single which is mixed @ 2%. It’s sooooo good! The richness has calmed, a bit of caramel and vanilla is still there and accents the peach so well! So I’m making this.


Peach ry4, would have never thought of that! Sounds tasty!


I’ve only done a finger taste so far. I’m giving it a bit more time before I try vaping it, but I’ll keep you posted.


I worry that the peach will get trampled during the steep process but if so, I can make the original and just mix them in my tank. It wouldn’t be the only pairing I do that with.


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I dunno…he’s got some pretty racy looking stuff out there. He may be famous for his kid’s books, but titles like “Kiss Kiss” and “Switch Bitch” also grace his collection of published works.


I dunno either.

But on a side note.

Taste pretty good last night. This morning what was left in tank tasted better.

But am vaping something differnt this morning so it lost its 5* self rating going to try it again this afternoon


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