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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


I read about it a couple months ago around here somewhere. I ordered 2 bottles about 3 months ago, but I haven’t read the the ingredients on the bottle so I don’t know if it’s the old or new formula. I’ll be finishing up my old order soon so I’ll find out if there’s a difference in taste or effect.


I believe they were removing the CA and ACV tho it could have been just one of those. Oh yeah, i think we talked about that, the floaties i had in my bottle are why they changed it.


Just made this one public, as this last test @ 2 months aging proved outstanding.


Flooring is kicking my butt, so not felt like mixing… but

Today I’m vaping


Apologies in advance… But LMAO the first thought that pops into mind after seeing a semi, and then reading “road nut” is lot lizard. :rofl:
(Sorry, too many years on the cb!)


Not to derail but figured this would be good for a laugh

Edit: used to drive a truck… used to let my ex-wife answer the knock on the door…


Never had a 3 for 1 special… :dizzy_face:


I just finished my berry lemonade recipe and would appreciate anyone who would take time the time to mix it and give me some feedback. I think it’s a nice one.


Mixed up some of @Pro_Vapes Lemon Iced Cookies:

Sadly i had to keep it to 120ml, down to the last of my Cookie(FA).

Some adjustments for Granola Muncher, getting close to what i want now.

KoW’s Granola Muncher V3

0.45% Apricot (Flavorah)
0.50% Cranberry (Flavorah)
0.30% Frosting (Flavorah)
0.90% Granola (Flavorah)
0.10% Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 2.25%

Still thinking it needs some White Chocolate (MF) but i am trying to keep it all FLV. Hint Hint @FLV_DIY :slight_smile:

Happy mixing!

EDIT (5/12/18): Im thinking the granola may need to come down and back up with the fruits…


Looks nice Ken. If only Flv had an almond :thinking: A nice add would be Greek Yogurt


Actually have that in the recipes notes:

possible - greek yog (FLV), white choco (MF)

Tracy’s name - Crusted Thingleberry



Mixing a few of my favs today.


Been playing with tobacco, chasing a clone for a friend. I haven’t gotten the clone down yet, but I’ve found my second version to be a vape I can really enjoy and it’s a really simple mix!


Takening these and making 120ml of each @ 12mg for a friend who’s going to help me with some flooring in the morning.

This thread is my favorite by a long shot … and the most expensive thread… makes my flavor wish list bigger every one I read it… and helps me get free shipping when I restock a few supplies (flavor samples great way to reach that $50 mark)


If only it was a wish list for me, at the moment it just makes my stash bigger. But I’m in the honeymoon period I only ordered nearly 50 flavours this week.

This is on the mixer now, big day of mixing planned, plus just started 3 weeks holidays.


I mixed this up tonight, i had the flavorings about mixing some teas for the wife and for some reason this jumped into my brain cell:


0.50% Apricot (Flavorah)
0.20% Avocado (Flavorah)
0.75% Golden Eye (Nicotine River)
0.75% Peach (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 2.2%

Its gonna need some other stuffs and maybe some things but it smells fantastic already. Im thinking banana and/or coconut with a dash of liquid amber. @Pro_Vapes, ive got some of the new formulation of Pyure on the way, ill let you know. I saw you got some FA Butter but cant remember where i saw it so where did you get it?

EDIT 5/21/18:

Truly awful, this will require some major changes.


I made some blends with a Pyure clone, and am not entirely satisfied … I have to compare a mixture with the clone pyure and Flv sweetness.

This one is a bit strange- Bug? or design




I’m not sure you’ll enjoy the Krispy Kreme after a long steep (probably best to hit it pretty quickly… Say after 5-7 days).

It worked great as a “newbie” to mixing though (with matching “not quite recovered taste buds”), and I think it still has a solid place for that category of vaper. But I remade it a couple of months ago, and I wasn’t nearly as impressed. :wink:

It needs tweaking on the numbers for" an established vaper" IMO. YMMV