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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


You forgot the “(Gmix)” in the title !
Thank you for this !


Sorry… but I should’ve marked it as a WIP. I tag my completed mixes with (Gmix).


Oh, Ok. Looking forward to the finished product tho.


@Pro_Vapes I had been obsessing over trying to find a S’mores mix that worked, and I went through a ton of them before I either gave up (or my wife got sick of testing them), and I find your brand choices interesting, and I hadn’t tried the RF SC GC. What do you feel the frosting adds to it, sweetness ??


Stalk much @DaveDave (kidding …)


I don’t see the MM FLV as a sweetener like other MMs has been categorized. But for me it is a actual powder coated MM. I do get sweetness and a vanilla note from the Frosting FLV so it’s kinda serving a dual purpose for this mix.


Ahhhh, I don’t have much time with the Frosting yet. I see now. :slight_smile:


LOL, my memory (when it works) remembers all kinds of weird stuff, but forgets oh so simple things when I need it the most.


So you’re married too I’m guessing ??


Get it…good stuff!


As I do not know how to mix, I leave this part to the professionals, and the forum has a lot of good people in this field …
Today I give credit to the authors, and in turn the 3 juices that became my ADV.

Who likes a cold vapor flavored with coconut and guanabana, this exotic juice is a killer on hot days. Revenue reveals your profile at first, but I like it more after 30 days.

This juice after maturation time, is of a softness and a balance, as I have never tasted, if you like a subtle flavor of rhubarb / strawberry mixed in a custard cream, I invite you to mix this juice!

As there is not always an opportunity to make big clouds, here is my mtl of the moment, a classic RY4 very creamy and tasty.

Thanks for sharing, and continuing good mix. :+1: :wink:


Felt like vaping something different tonight so broke out the .5% spearmint test bottle of seduction . But now I’m :disappointed:.

I have to wait 30 days for next batch to steep once I mix it. Which won’t be until probably friday


Time to get some bigger bottles!


Vaping my failed mix bottle dump and it’s surprisingly good! Its been steeping for a few months since I dumped my old mixes to reuse the bottles. It’s kind of a generic vanilla custard thing, but really tasty. I’ll have to start writing down what I dump in there next time.


Mixed up a couple today…

from @BigCh33z
I kept the profile, but changed all flavors except for the cucumber. Maybe needs a little tweaking still, but it’s very satisfying already.

from @robin

from @Alisa

from @HocusKrokus

from @SthrnMixer

from @Stafylidis_Vladimiro

Thanks for all these highly rated recipes guys & girls :slight_smile:


Did you see that they changed the Pyure recipe?


Damn good to see you bud!
You’ve been missed!


Ken, welcome back !!!


Thanks guys, its really good to be back. :slight_smile:


I havent had a lot of time for mixing lately but i have a few things ive been working on.

This one is one of our favorite teas from Teavana, they no longer sell it:

Sakura Allure
1.50% Cherry Blossom (Flavorah)
0.50% Eisai Tea (Flavorah)
0.75% Green Tea (Flavorah)
0.25% Sugar Orchid (Flavorah)
Flavor total: 3%

It is missing a few things and i may have gone just a bit too high on the tea side. It needs Mango and Pineapple, but light. This tea is very Cherry heavy. Trying to keep it all FLV.

This one is missing some thing as well, maybe brown sugar. I was hoping that the eggnog might fill in a bit but it doesnt seem to have worked out:

Carrot Cake V2
0.40% Carrot (Flavorah)
0.25% Eggnog (Flavorah)
0.35% Frosting (Flavorah)
1.50% Pound Cake (Flavorah)
0.10% Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)
0.15% Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)
Flavor total: 2.75%

Trying to keep it all FLV too.

This one i was trying to model after a fruit/veg bar, frozen. Its missing the veg side and i cant seem to find anything to fill in. A plain, no spice pumpkin might work.

BCN Smoothie
0.25% Avocado (Flavorah)
1.25% Banana Cream (Colorless) (LA)
0.40% Carrot (Flavorah)
1.00% Coconut Milk (LB)
0.75% Nectarine (Flavorah)
Flavor total: 3.65%

I might lower the carrot on the next go.

White Chocolate Peppermint Tea
0.75% Black Tea (Flavorah)
0.50% Eisai Tea (Flavorah)
0.15% Peppermint (Flavorah)
0.50% Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)
0.25% White Chocolate (MF)
Flavor total: 2.15%

This one hasnt cured long enough, take a good long while for the white choco to make an appearance. Its got a few more weeks but the finger test is promising.

Ive been vaping quite a bit of @woftam’s Simple Yumberry Custard:

I knocked the Sweet Cream down to 1.5% and the Yumberry down to .8%. Great stuff!

Happy mixing!