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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Thank you @Ken_O_Where going to add that to the amazeballz list too.


I recently vaping Citrus Punch and I’m really enjoying it :wink:


@Mandrax I won’t be able to stop myself, going to have to order the Orange now !!!




Of all the MF flavors I bought, for me the best ones are chocolate, lemon and orange. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There milks are really authentic to ken
So are you guys diluting the lemon mf down? Cos if so the price is definitely justified to me especially if the flavour doesnt fade as bad as other lemons.
@Pro_Vapes @woftam @Mandrax @SessionDrummer


Despite being tempted i dont dilute flavorings, certainly have to be a lot more careful with it tho cuz the slightest variance can really affect a liquids lighter notes. I was thinking about trying some old needle tip tops but i have had a pretty steady hand lately.

And dont worry about it fading, it doesnt, all the other flavors will fade in a mix and the lemon notes will still be there. I have used it in several recipes to backup other lemon flavorings, but i havent used other lemon flavorings in quite a long while.


Thanks ken by the way i never personally got to thank you for strawnana custard so thanks hopfully one day i will build me stash enough to mix more of you notable mixers recipes :grin:


I still haven’t had the pleasure of getting to try the chocolate, but…

The butterscotch, orange, and lemon are


Glad you enjoy. :slight_smile: I mix it at 10.5 these days as i vape in the 70-80w range on 316L.

You might be able to find some mixers that will send you a one shot of some of their mixes, if you are in the same country.


For me it is Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla and Lemon. The first two require using some sweeter flavorings or a tiny dash of sweetener. There a quite a few of their extracts in my top 10 flavor list.


The Caramel I was a bit “disappointed”, not for its flavor, but expected to be a “caramel candy” flavor, and not the caramel “sugar burnt” that I put on top of a pudding. Or I do not have a decent recipe! :neutral_face:

Edit: The only juice I made with caramel flavor, was to mix 1% caramel and butterscoth!


I agree. I was let down by the caramel for the same reason. I sent it to a friend here along with others.


mixing a few other peoples recipes tonight.


this one scares me but i enjoyed it did any one every smoke log cabin



I had a spurt of new ideas over the last week. Going to mix these up tonight. Trying to keep my total flavor % lower than I have in the past. I was finding myself around 10%-15%, but I’ve noticed a large amount of flavor from some recent 3%-6% mixes.

I’ll update after a steep. Fingers crossed!

Update: Florida Sunshine: Day 1 is already super tasty. If this improves even a little with steeping, it’s going to be a great Summer!


One more!

Edit: not sure why this one didn’t show a preview. I used the same method to post. Hmm

There it is! Re-copied&pasted



Wish I’d made 500ml


I’m totally mixing this (will have to sub caramel though)! Looks yummmmmmmmy :smiley:

Of all the mixers in the world, your recipes are the ones I mix most!