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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Hi, Lolly. :slight_smile:

Dont tell Robert but i had to sub the caramel as well. I used CAP at the same percentage as it is similar to MF, just not as creamy.


Oh sheet that looks good. Mixing that RIGHT now !!


me toooooo!!! looks yummy @SthrnMixer


Awww thanks folks! :blush:


My latest favourite


A wonderful fruit vape! It’s the first bright and smooth vape I’ve mixed this far!
Try it out! You’ll love this one


Hey @Hooba



I’m glad that you like it.


It actually was the worst of the bunch I mixed lol
I am really impressed with

From @freshepies

From @WFO
I just can’t put these down, so yummy!
And to think for whatever reason I decided I didn’t like TPA’s greek yogurt or CAP’s NY cheesecake :astonished:

I’m mixing a whole new batch of it tonight. Leaving out the catalan cream from the nana though. After a week it starts to take over the yogurt which is what really makes this recipe.

Top rated premium juice IMO, very well balanced.


How do people come up with these weird percentages?
Years and years of fine-tuning?
With the quality of scales we use, it’s probably really difficult to get these % exactly right, at least for relatively small quantities.


I normally make 120 ml to 250 ml in one go. It’s fairly manageable to get the exact percentage. Then again taste is subjective, you might be able to better the taste by not being accurate.

I am open to suggestions if you have any pointers to improve upon the recipe.


Really … How do you conclude that papaya should be 0.28%, not 27 or 29%?
Not a criticism! I’m just trying to understand … :thinking:


While your point is valid, it is easy enough to get within a couple of milligram with small droppers and using partial drops on the side of the bottle neck. Whether it is useful is another question.


I’m curious about this too.

The only times I’ve had numbers like these were either when I adjusted the total percent to reduce an over-flavored mix (like 18.65% down to 10%), or if I had over-dropped past the mark when mixing, then adjusted the recipe to reflect the oops!

If someone is really dialing-in percentages like these intentionally, I’d like to know their methods.


I haven’t tried it and I’m not saying anything is wrong with it… it just looks so weird.
Most recipes you see work with quarter %, tenths and stuff but I rarely see any recipes with such bizarre looking %. Made me wonder if you actually fine-tune so precisely or if you changed the overall % or something.


I would not be surprised if it was, version 1 was a bit weak, let’s bump it up by a third leading to such figures.

Or pure artistic classiness.

(damn, @Plunderdrum already said it above)


My Rendition of Strawberry Ice cream, Strawberry and Cream, Strawberry pudding !!!
Not bad for 5months 22days 12hrs. of DIY mixing, thanks to 100’s of 5* Master Mixer’s. :kissing_heart:


Im not answering for Hooba but i have a couple of mixes with what some might consider odd %s. It was a result of using the Adjust Total Flavor % function on the site. The mixes were good but too strong.


I like the low numbers too, every time I see it I’m imaging how much money I could save, if I could make this work.

I ruled out my taste buds by now, I tried hundreds of setups, hell I even switched from DL to mtl , sub ohm to above ohm and back. I just can’t make it work, so frustrating :rage:

So if there’s a secret or mystery please enlighten me, I’m so tired of running through tons of flavor and juices lol.
Even tho I don’t mix high in general.


This is something we are going to have a thread on in the near future. I have been really surprised at how low i can go with some of the flavorings.