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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


But you’ve rated it 1 star already?

I’m confused. chuckles


How’s that Juicy Strawberry working out?


i didnt think it was anything to write home about , but for this recipe i wanted to use all FA and have a light strawberry exhale and felt the red touch couldnt be by it self lol , im slowly doing SF test again since ALL of my notes ( composite notebooks ) plural were accidently thrown away…


@fidalgo_vapes Sorry to hear that. 1/2 of my notes got up and walked out on me somehow as well .


The thin droppers, are 50 drops per mL give or take. You could do 45 drops and be close enough if you absolutely can’t wait.


Holy flavor muting Batman

3% :hibiscus: Hawaiian Drink literally had no flavor added a few drops to tank still no flavor.

Added 2.5 ml of pg to dilute mix and was reward with a nice :hibiscus: Hawaiian Punch flavor…

So dumped bottle and remixed bottle at 2%

Recommendations For Most Flavorful Ejuice ( commercial vendors )

@tartarusspawn EM like muting ?


Just got back home got myself the GeekVape Aegis 200W FINALLY changing gear ( I had the IJOY Limitless LUX but that crap machine does not count) I was rocking an E-Vic Mini for the past 2 years oh yeah that was a good device. So this is what I’m guzzling on. Man the delay on that mod is non existant!!



Looks good. I have every flavorexcept for theFLV raspberry. Is there another rasp that could possibly sub? I have FA,INW, TPA, LA and cap i think.


wow this is turning out good but not getting a lot of berry but a delicious kind of custard

just made this one public i know @Sprkslfly you have none of these flv :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but do you a self a favour everyone is you like passion fruit get the two vta passion fruits and mix them together. and a side note i think the citric acid helps stop the fizzy sherbet from fading



:laughing: Actually, I have (and love) Forest Fruit and FA Custard!! =P

Ya lost me on the two VT flavors though!
I can say that I won’t be buying “Love” though!
I’ve never paid for love, and I don’t plan to start now! LMFAO :rofl:

Looks Berry nice though bud! :thumbsup:


:smirk: yer me either :smirk:


Not upfront anyhow in the end it will usually cost half or more of a house.


My batch of Mother’s Unicorn Milk hit the 4 week steep. Pretty tasty vape. I mostly vape fruit flavors so this is very different. I made three 120 ml bottles, so there will be longer steeps on the other bottles.


Making 360 ml of

For a friend

Been making this for over a year. And still haven’t tried it


Hey there thanks! The raspberry in there is mainly to support the strawberries from getting overwhelmed by mango. As I have never tried FA or LA raspberry i could not say for these but i think 0.3-0.4% of Inw raspberry could do the trick. This is a very sweet juice don’t hesitate to tone the Super Sweet down if you are not a fan of commercial e-liquid but I’m a sweet tooth!!


I mixed up 100ml of this yesterday and it smells amazing. I bet @SessionDrummer would like it. :grinning:

Sugar Cub Custard
2.00% Sugar Cookie (Real Flavors)
1.80% Sugar Cub (Real Flavors)
1.50% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.50% Now Glycerite Stevia


@Fozzy71 You had me at SUGAR !!! I don’t have Glycerite Stevia, but do have a Nude Nic Stevia mix, so I’m going to try this. Thanks …



lol, hopefully it vapes as good as it smells. You will probably end up testing it before I do as I have ~10 other 100ml bottles ahead of this one in the cabinet.