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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Good Morning!!


lol, how can you keep on vaping the same old stuff without getting vapors tongue? :rofl:


Classified . I could tell ya but then I’d have to transport you to Area 51…

But seriously I change flavors. And when that don’t work. A couple tanks of


Does the trick.


Vaping this right now…

Almost out, if my scales were not broken, I’d be mixing up a larger batch

Edit : thinking of doing a cherry or vanilla ice cream(lb) version of it


Scales are broke, dug out the syringes I haven’t used

Going to make these after church tonight

Off to church now . See ya later



Mixed this up a couple days ago. It is tasting good already.


LOVE the name!! :rofl:


@tartarusspawn Is it really that close to Dr. P ??


At church , pretty close to either Dr Pepper or dr thunder.


Work in progress


my version of a chocolate cheese cake its like one of those cheese cakes you can eat all day and not get sick of


Tastes just like moist delicious lemon cake with a lil icing :yum:


Vaping this and ran out so made 2 30ml bottles.


mixed up 3 recipes (2 new, 1 tweaked) to try, 100ml each obv. My badger paint mixer died on the first bottle but thankfully I have a spare and a nopro mixer backup.

Peanut Butter Frosted Cereal v1 (RFSC)
2.50% Frosted Cereal (Real Flavors)
1.50% Peanut Butter (Real Flavors)
0.25% 0.9% Saline

Butter Pecan Ice Cream
3.00% Butter Pecan Pie (Real Flavors)
2.00% Vanilla Ice Cream (Real Flavors)
0.50% Now Glycerite Stevia

Paczki Fried
3.00% Paczki (Real Flavors)
1.50% Fried Dough (Real Flavors)
0.50% Now Glycerite Stevia

The last one I did 100ml of with 0nic last September at 2.5%/1% but my notes said I should bump it a little.


I’m vaping a raspberry donut that has no donut what so ever, because the raspberry is just running over it Lol.

I was sick last week so I couldn’t SFT the flavors I got and went by recommendations. Teaches me a lesson and sometimes that’s a great learning experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



This is delicious:

Bust-a-CoffeeNut (RFSC)
7.00% Lotta Latte (OSDIYS)
2.50% Hazelnut (Real Flavors)
1.80% Bavarian Cream (Real Flavors)
1.50% Butter Toffee (Real Flavors)
1.00% French Vanilla V2 (CAP)
1.00% Marshmallow (Real Flavors)
variant of - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/850505/Bust-a-CoffeeNut#

I got enough lotta latte left for one more of these (and now have RF French Vanilla) before I need to order one of the RF Coffee/Latte/Cappuccino concentrates.


Scales are broke but gosh darn it I wanna try out real flavors Hawaiian drink. So I broke out the pipettes

Edit: initial wife sniff test = that smells good… she don’t vape

Remixed ar 2%



most rf sc smell great but dont vape well until a few weeks steeped. I let them breathe an hour so after stir mixing (to help the alcohol breathe off) and I try to not vape until 4 - 8 weeks steeped and prefer to have them vaped before they are 4 to 6 months steeped. I only mix with RF SC anymore, both single flavor and full blown recipes, minus the odd random non-RF concentrate I am trying to use up.

edit: i don’t own that flavor, good luck.


just finished vaping some of this , its steeped a little over 2weeks , a promising heavy cream subtle strawberry vape

another 2 weeks and ill know more :wink: