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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


I appreciate your perspective on that @Sprkslfly. I knew ahead of time, anything with a Chocolate was going to be a PITA, just simply for the chocolate portion of it. I can’t tell you how many attempts I made using my fave TPA DCC, but it always just didn’t seem to do it for me, despite blending with other chocos. I was actually more than surprised with the failed attempts using my secret stash of INW MC (old version). I think I grew tired of the battle, and rather settled on the FA Choco. The next hurdle was the graham LOL, and so on.

Honestly, I almost burned myself out ON the S’mores hehehe. The most frustrating thing was allowing all of the flavors to be individually tasted, and working together as a whole, at the same time, unlike @Pro_Vapes stupid delicious Banana Split recipe, which had exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

I did try a few attempts with the FLV MC inlcuding blends, which didn’t hit my profile. Was I after something unobtainable ?? Maybe hehe. I don’t have many VTA’s yet,and I’m always open to different approaches. Please keep the great feedback coming !!!


Have you tried dark chocolate mf? I vaped my first three 12ml test mixes. It’s very close to cocoa fan without the coil gunk/black wicks. I’m very happy I invested in it. And yeah, @Pro_Vapes milk chocolate recpie is that good.


@Chrispdx No I actually didn’t have the MF DC when I was undergoing my S’mores treatment, but hmmmm, that’s actually a great idea. Maybe even try …


Yeah, how the HELL did they do that ??


That Milk Chocolate base would be awesome in a s’mores recipe!


I don’t know but it’s magical. It does discolor a wick just like a heaven custard would but that’s a’ok in my book. After vaping 36mls of dark choco mf @77 Watts with 0.2 ohm dual ss316l coils and was able to switch to another juice I was very happy. Could not do that with cocoa fa.


I did a myriad of FA Choco/Cocoa tests, and man, every time I touched the Cocoa, coil destruction came calling.


apparently its legit


well this was a complete accident but it turns out fa custard and vta avocado cream makes a banana custard and its not bad. first i mixed this and got really strong banana notes

then i mixed this to narrow down the cause and it seems alot better with .5% avo cream

i would say it is close to a real banana or at least a sub for vta banana custard


It will steep out tho :wink: all Vta creams have that banana back note as well as off note. Especially the avocado cream, but it’s mostly gone after around 6 weeks, till then you would have a good banana custard, since the actual b.custard is extremely potent lol


I mixed a peach today. . .my new mod ain’t in yet tho. . . .Bah XD


Interesting bit of info. Thanks for sharing!


So after 6 weeks ill only tast the fa custard and it will no longer be a banana custar :thinking:
There wasn’t to many off notes in the test recipe but there were a few in the berry custard think the forest fruit helped with causing that as well


Nah you’ll have custard but with a creamy avocado note, or if you put to much in, avocado custard Lol.

It’s still great, I’m just saying that every VTA cream has that banana note. Some more than others and I noticed that with the avocado I used in one of my recipes a while back.

I told my husband something like, oh I think I accidentally put banana custard in the juice instead of avocado. So he started vaping it since he loves banana and I just hate anything banana, especially in your face banana (yes I know how it sounds like :rofl:

Couple days ago he asked me if I could make him a other juice, I said no because he still got 120ml left. I tried it and yeah the banana was now full avocado.

I also noticed it with the Devon cream, sweet cream etc. It’s like other companies use that pungent butyric acid, vape train used banana of some kind, I can’t explain as anything else lol.

Long story short, I’m sure it will be good no matter if as banana (now) or as avocado (in a couple of weeks/months)

@Sprkslfly anytime. Most of the time I don’t bring these things up, because I’m sure someone else mentioned it already or I think oh everyone knows since most flavors I try are not new. I’m just always late to the party lmao. But I’m happy to answer if asked or point out something I noticed, in the hope it can help. I’m for sure not a expert, but can sound like that via chat, hence I’m very careful with my sentences :slight_smile:


Made this as i got a lot of friends requesting a sweet cigar vape for this summer. It is a very dark juice might deter some but i think its gonna be a great fireside vape. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Keep off the stinkies and have a great summer!!


I have been following you abit @eStorm and i appreciate your knowledge thank you for helping me out you are worth more credit than you give yourself


I’ll second that @Benoz


@nchris Going to do some more testing …


Can’t wait to hear the results. Am following this one close.




for my favorite forum’s discerning friends to peek at… I’m really happy with what the taste does for me. I don’t think you have many options for swaps here as 2 ingredients are flavor blends and 4 FA ingredients make a 3rd Liquor Cabinet item which shouldn’t be tampered with but of course everything is open to your own creativity… perhaps instead of an GRAND MARNIER CHOCOLATE FRUIT MIX you want to move toward a STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE FRUIT MIX… GO FOR IT. Don’t ask me questions, send me thoughts on your version… I will post this soon here publicly and hope my fellow forum hunters respect my choices on when Gen Pop sees this Pazzo Option.

This is hard how do i enter