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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Got some good news this weekend so feel like mixing again. Thx @R113


Get some coils made too




This is only 4 days steeped, but somehow tastes complete. I’ve read that Vanilla MF can be weird before 3 to 4 weeks, but I’m not getting that here. Hoping that this early-steep goodness doesn’t blow up in my face at 30 days, but if it does, I can just use this as a short steeper easy MM vape and reduce some %'s for a longer aging version. I’m sure some aspects will get better with time. It’s really delicious and authentic right now, though.


Whats that marshmallow like mate ?


I’m getting rid of my 4oz. bottle of CAP Sweet Mango, after trying my new recipe today at 10 days in, it is fantastic !!! FLV/VTA Mango make a great combo, all the flavors just melt together nicely !! Very Happy with this.


It’s like a real-life Marshmallow! Good as a sweet accent and thickness enhancer @ .5-1%, Great as an authentic full Marshmallow 2-4%. mildly vanilla, very light powdered sugar, not dry, not powdery, not overbearingly thick (so-far, this is my first time pushing it to 4%, so it coulllld get too thick and I just don’t know it yet) but the flavor and feel right now is amazingly authentic.

In general, I’m at 10/10, pending the 30 day steep on the SFT I’m whipping up tonight. It’s never failed in a mix. diyvaporsupply.com has it pretty cheap.


If your looking to gift it I think @fidalgo_vapes loves that stuff. Lol.


I would be glad to give it to him, but it is rancide, I have never made anything good out of it, when I wanted to use it on that recipe, I smelled and finger tasted, and yuk. I looked for expiration date and found it under the bottle 7/18/2017. But I have sweet watermelon , cucumber, cantoloupe, harvest berry, bought at the same time and they are all good. I think that bottle was bad from the get go. I have never ate a mango, so I did’nt know, thought it was suppose to smell like that. But is rotten. FLV Mango smells and taste good.

EDIT; I bought them when I First stated mixing, which was 12/15/17, actually made my first recipe 1/1/18


Love the taste of cappella sweet mango… its my go to juice. When I want to cleanse the palette.


sweet guava , never had the mango … never had any luck with any mango :slight_smile:


Yay you finally joined our hype about VTA mango, super potent but good. Now we only need to convince you to get rid of Inw shisha strawberry and get vape trains lol.





you know i have had it sitting there and wasnt till i tried other strawberries i was like this is actually really good didnt fade and was really good


shhhhh we don’t want it to be sold out for the next months :wink: At least we won’t have to be praying that it’s reformulated :wink:


Oooooh… That’s just low. /shakes fist

/Gabriel Iglesias: “…but it was funny huh!?!” :laughing:


don’t worry, we will convince you too. but with my luck you are one of these people that can’t taste strawberries, and we will never get the chance to show you the magic of a non fading amazing very versatile strawberry :rofl:

Did I mention the short steep time yet? or potency? :wink:


Actually I’ve tasted all the “major players” in the strawberry family side by side, and IMO Ina Shisha takes the win over all others as a standalone, and mixer. And for good reason!
It’s a very well rounded, natural strawberry.

OTOH, I’ve tasted a handful of VT’s stuff so far, and not one has made me go WOW!
A couple seem really nice, another is “ok”, and a couple were disappointing. So, so far, they’re still on the radar, just not very high.


How did this one work out after another two weeks beaut? Looks yum :yum:


I am going to try VTA Shisha Strawberry, but I just can’t see it getting any better than INW,
I got about 3oz of INW left, than I will try it, if still available.
I can say , for sure VTA Shisha Mango combined with FLV Mango are perfect together.