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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


I know this looks a little… odd, but my husband and I finally made Mary Jane a little more usable. I made some subtle changes when he asked me to mix this while he mowed the lawn (which I neglected to tell him). I was going for a little more realism, less ‘Piney-Pine Forest Grass of Doom’. I love it.


Liked my icetragon recipe so much I made a more tarragony version of it, and added thyme. I don’t know yet if it is better but I am taking a chance and bringing that with me on my next trip.

Mixed more of the Japanese leafy absynthe and polar bear nutz as well.


Where would one find this delicious sounding mix? I searched the thread and the recipe side and to my horror it wasnt to be found.


http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2482445/Japanese leafy absinthe


Thank you, i copied SF’s spelling and then used it to search. And of course i dont have some of the flavorings. :]


Sorry for the inconsistent spelling, I catch myself all the time.
I think the recipe is forgiving. Absinthe + eucalyptus + menthol + a bit of bitterness.


Did you ever get around to vaping this? I pulled mine out of the cabinet today and am liking it so far. Quite a bit of throat hit for a 4.5mg mix in my recurve rda at 0.21ohm and 55w.


Mixed this

With a sub of sweet cream cap to a slightly lower bavarian cream fa
Finger tasting is promising but I’ll let it rest. They smell surprisingly alike. As for the taste I think a recipe with 1.5% bilberry can probably take the sub!

And also

Because I had the Bavarian cream out :slight_smile:


That is some next-level mixing right there!


Let’s see how it turns out. I find leafy/herbals to be very very forgiving compared to bakeries and creams which seem to go all over the place.


:thinking: this one has me intrigued think ill mix this and maby have to sub cap yogurt for tpa greek yogurt


Don’t tell anyone but I did just this.
3% Greek yoghurt tpa
1% Bavarian cream fa


Nice couldn’t change it that drastically could it? Is it worth a 30ml straight up?


Found this little gem hiding in a box while unpacking my vape related stuff…

this has sat for a long time so im not sure when it matured , but im excited to mix up a new batch , the Pistachio , Cherry and chocolate all are noticable and layered nicely , i would like to have more ice cream taste in there … but if you have the flavors give this a try


I sometimes boost VIC or VBIC with a little extra cream and vanilla. It might help get you the ice cream profile you want.

BTW… Good looking recipe!


thank you , it taste great and im surprised its all there after so long , ill try a little Flv Cream in the next batch maybe with a drop or two of frosting


I always start with 10. Good on finger but not vape tested yet.


Well i i went straight for the 30ml lol also mixed up some other recipes.



My attempt to do a tobacco vape.

Not amazing but not terrible either.

Tried the previously mixed

And this is pretty good


Over a year old and still going strong…

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