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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Testing this out on day 7. Quite a difference a week can make. This was all tang and no sweet early on. Now, it’s almost a cookie! 2, maybe 3 more weeks will(should hopefully!) finish it up.


This is hands down My favourite thread here.
Reading and trying recipes I would never have
Thought to search for and have come across some absolute :fire::fire::fire:.

What I’m Vaping today is my version of ‘Flan To Tha Slaughter’.
It’s an amazing creamy/nutty Custard that I find very hard to put down.


Show me the money! or rather, the recipe… if you dont mind that is :smiley:


Here you go Bro Enjoy.:metal::+1::facepunch:


I’m vaping on my strawberry kiwi cream v2



Swedish Oatmeal Cookies (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.80
Butter Toffee (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.80
Cream, Sweet (CAP) 1.00
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.40
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 0.70
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.40
Oatmeal Cookie (SC) (Real Flavors) 2.00
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah) 0.03

Flavor total: 6.13%

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Titanic 10-16-18

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.60
Beer Nuts (Flavorah) 0.50
Butter Toffee (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.90
Caramel (MF) 0.50
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.80
Frosting (Flavorah) 0.35
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 0.80
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.00
Peanut Butter (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.80

Flavor total: 6.25%

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The Finger Taste is Crazy Nutty!!!


Mixed a few bottles over the past couple days:

All steeping, all showing some promise. Cheesecake is a bit hidden at the moment finger tasting on the Big Apple Cheesecake. Let’s see in a couple of weeks.


my newest yummy vape!


Not sure if I’ve ever shared this but I’m on a newly steeped batch (one of many I’ve had) and this stuff never gets old to me. If you have the parts to make it let me know what you think.


Here’s another I’m vaping right now. Most people know I’m not so big on mixes with cooling agents. I did mix this without it but after tasting thought it could use one. Glad I did too as that FLV Cool Menthol pulled this together nicely.

What I really wanted to point out is the Fruit Cup Texture, creation by @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit, who was kind enough to share on ELR Discord. So simple, yet so good. I’m finding it to be a great additive.


I’m glad it worked out for you but I don’t deserve all the credit. Lots of people advised me to use Cactus and Pear together, I just got too lazy to keep using them separately and made a base out of them. :wink:


What’s fruit cup texture like ?


So far I’m finding usage of 0.5 - 1% in a mix imparts a good bit of wetness without contributing really heavily to overall flavor. But that also depends on what it’s used with. Higher usage tends to impart primarily the flavor of cactus. Again, depending on what it’s used with will determine how much cactus you taste in the final product. I have yet to taste the pear as cactus easily dominates it. But the pear is not absent - it’s there doing what it does to provide a sweetness of sorts and a somewhat light syrupy quality.

Still working with it though. My views may change some over time and with more experimenting.

You’re gettin it anyway! :slight_smile: :hugs:


^This! It does exactly as the name implies. It adds a slightly sweet slippery texture like you’d get from eating a fruit cup. A lower % .5-2 would be more like a Dole fruit cup “packed in it’s own juice” and using higher % would be more like the light syrup variety.

For my own tastes, I don’t really get any notes of the Cactus or the Pear but I do notice most things become smoother and more blended after a longer steep. Maybe there is a flavor to them and I’m just not noticing? It could be that I’ve been using it so long in almost everything that I’ve forgotten what most of my fruit recipes taste like without it. :smiley:


It’s probably just me, but at higher %s (1%+) I get a harshness that makes it really hard to vape… Cucumber MF and FA also have the same effect on me. But as you said in lower %s it does add a juiciness like no other flavor I’ve tried, without adding to the overall flavor of the mix.

EDIT My bad… you’re talking about Fruit Cup Texture (DIY). I just saw cactus and replied…

Sorry… `homer-gif-1


First time I get something that good 5 minutes after mixing. Now the hard part is going to be to leave the bottle alone for a month to check how it evolves. The fizz is not bad!
Now, dandelion and burdock is an acquired taste but in this case really well reproduced!

Vapable own brand flavours?

This is what is in my Crown 3 today big white clouds of goodness



Forgot to add these


I’m sorry @Sprkslfly I missed this. It was in mah secretz stashhzzz.