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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


@Suomynona I’m liking those bottles. PET ?? Where did you get them ?





Thank you @Suomynona and @Freddie3


So this is the final version, it is closer to what I was aiming for with the first recipe and tastes perfect to me. I think this recipe is one of my best, and it’s also the one with the fewest revisions I have made, this version is the third iteration and I normally need 6-10 to be happy lol.


Have you tried Yes, We Cheesecake from INW?
I’m SFT’ing it now and it’s really good :slight_smile: Good balance between cheese and crust and none of the wet socks or anise going on


I have not, I love cheesecake irl but I have never had a cheesecake flavored vape that I really liked, but LA cheesecake is great for texture at low % and the cream cheese icing has a good cream cheese flavor to it, between the two they meet all my needs lol which is usually to make custards more complex. I almost jumped into the cheesecake world, but I looked at my shopping cart one day and had something like 12 flavors just to try to make a good cheesecake with no idea if I would like it or not, and I abandoned the idea in favor of getting more flavors for profiles I know I enjoy lol


I practically never adapt recipes, but I actually have a few of these, and can sub a few. Normally I’d have to sub almost everything lf I wanted to try a recipe that looks good to me… I have a weird, PG-free stash. I know subbing wil change everything and won’t really taste like yours, but I like what this looks like.

Would you say your Creme Brulee is sitting in the background at .5%? The flavor notes on it didnt give me much to work with. Trying to gauge where to put mine. Thanks!


It’s definitely a background flavor, I use it to up the eggy notes for the French toast and the burnt sugar notes play nicely with the French toast as well, at half a percent it really just boosts the French toast flavor up without adding any cream or custard notes. In my first version I used rf sc elephant ear to try to help the French toast but it added off notes at really low percentages.


Also, everything in this recipe is just to boost up the French toast so it doesn’t get bullied by the cream cheese icing, you can take that concept and adapt away and come up with something equally as delicious or even more so, the black label French toast is the real star and I usually vape it by itself lol


Anyone with cinnamon roll experience, I would appreciate your help. I know I’m going to have to get the Flavorah rich cinnamon, but until then how can I make this recipe closer to a cinnamon roll? It just seems really light on flavor, I like the fw cinnamon roll but I single flavor tested it at 8% and felt like I could easily go 10-12% on it…should I just bump it up in the recipe?


I have a big boy bottle incoming of that one, never tried it, but jumping in on the deep end. So many ideas regarding this aroma, inw have really nailed a couple of aromas lately. Also enjoy their bloody oranges and so sour so good.


They either do a bloody good job or an extremely bad one… jump on the good ones while you can because they have a bad history of changing stuff up :grin:


Indeed, I’m sadly not one of the owners of a good ol milk choc or waffle. Even read somewhere that their cookie also changed? :smiley:


The one to go for now, iirc, is jungle flavors milk chocolate, should be as good or better
I’m not big on chocolates but that’s what I picked up on it


Ordered some, did not make the cut, out of stock. Next time …


You nailed that for sure, i actually avoid trying new inw flavors because if I like it they will probably change it lol I can’t go without their custard or creme brûlée though, and biscuit is pretty nice…


4 weeks later, it’s Summer again. I didnt know I had a killer Mango flavor sitting in my stash for over a year. I had only tried it mixed with MF Mango, which has tons of peel. Or as an SF, which is a little too bright. In a mix, it totally rocks.


That is the latest that changed… JF biscuit is supposed to be a good replacement, kind of a mix between INW Biscuit and FA Cookie. That’s at least what I’m buying once my org INW Biscuit is gone.


Oldie but a Goodie !!