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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Sorry Never used it I can’t say

Try a batch without it you might like it better.

If I tried it Id go the saline route only if I was sure of the ingredients.

But corrosive stuff like salt or stevia with vinegar does not seem attractive to me. Especially the vinegar Ive seen added to some of the Pyure brands, Wow never in my life would I use that!

I’m sticking to just the flavorings for now.


@madailei @eStorm’s right, probably not a great idea to vape sea salt. I’ve been using Addipak for years, and not only is it made for inhalation therapy, but it’s pure, sanitized, and easy to use.


30ml VG .2% sea salt


A good clean source of .9 % saline solution is wound irrigation solution in the first aid section of any pharmacy


Ok thanks I’ll have a look tomorrow


Ok do u know anything about how much shipping on average would be? What sorts of hardware & stuff does he sell? Is it brand name things or made to order sort of thing? Desperately need to get my NRG tank Vaporesso GT ccell coils cheaper than I’m paying for them now $15 + travel. Sounds like I’m whinging about this but a 3 paxk every 6-8 weeks adds up over time. I’ve got the Dead Rabbit by Heathen but my wicking skills are minimal & have to use it as a dripper as I haven’t got a squonker yet! Been looking online @ the Vandy Vape BF squonker mod for about $80 or so but am swamped with bills atm…car regi, electricity,internet ,hime ph, Fetch, Netflix, PlayStation plus membership, car repairs & of course Christmas with 3 adult kids can be expensive. Treating. myself to 6 more flavours when I go to get my coils but am only able to get them as the Super Vape store has given me $2,0 worth of loyalty points as they stuffed up & lost my account and history including the over 10099 points I’d earnt already. So for driving out to Banyos’ Super Vape store I’ll get my 3 pack of GT ccell coils & 6 10ml flavours for $25 cash & all of my loyalty points. So not bad!


Instead of getting a squonk mod, why not get yourself a good RTA that works on your existing mods? Steam Crave has some pretty good ones that are easy to build and wick, and they’re not too expensive either. IMO better than a Dead Rabbit. But there are other options.
Wicking is something you get accustomed to within a few builds and if it’s not done right, it’s easy and cheap to start over again. You can get a lifetime supply of Rayon or hemp for a few bucks and if you go with something like Puffs (organic cotton), a 10 year supply costs you about $8 too.
No more expensive and wasteful coils.

Squonkers are nice to have, but I’ve refrained from getting one because they’re all limited in battery life / power (I like triple 18650 mods) and they usually don’t come with fancy DNA chips.


Choo Choo, the train is now leaving the station …



I’ve got a Revenger that has a 2.0 chipset & takes 2 18650 batteries but it’s 2 years old & I have dropped it more times than I can count! So whether it’s my DR rda or the NRG Vaporesso tank they are wobbling on top of the mod the tanks are fine it’s the mid that’s loose fitting. Also it can’t charge or get a firmware update as the micro usb connection has been broken for iver a year! I know that I’m quite tough on my mods i went through an Aspire Alantas (2 as 1st 1 i had was stolen from my hand bag while I was shopping! ) then 2 istick Picos that in the end became bits & pieces of them put together to also be very loose connection. My best friend asked our best local tobacconist come vape shop for the hardiest kit they had 2 Christmases ago & got me the Revenger kit & I love it but am worried that it will just die on me. I charge the batteries external & have 2 sets & a spare so like u if I get something new it wpuld need to be 18650 compatible. The BF squonker mod can use 18650 batteries & like u said I can get a large sypply of wicking material & have found premade Demon killer coils online very cheap, got a pack of 8 in 1 for $5 on Wish of all places! I’ve just put 1 of the demon killer coils a fused clapton, just 1 with my best wicking attempt yet to try out my now 7 day steeped " Lemon lasagne- cake’ an adapted recipe tried for the 1st time. The rda sure gives great flavour I can c myself having this as my adv from now on yummy! I took a few pics of the single coil build & wick job, it doesn’t look great but it works better than any I’ve done before!


Well on the topic of qhat I’m vaping today, my ‘Lemon lasagne- cake’ has steeped for 8 days & it’s a perfect balance of lemon tart and cake sweet. Finally things are going my way again with this mix turning out even better than I could have imagined! Been vaping it all day, since I took the photos of my deck that apparently can t be made out! It doesn’t matter as I did a good enough job putting the coil in & wick it that I haven’t used my NRG tank all day as my DR rda is working so well for the 1st time. Thanks for the encouragement;)


I’m actually vaping something similar… bit different but same profile

Made few adjustments from the original, very nice and creamy lemon recipe, good crust but not overwhelming like a lot of dinner lady remixes are. This one focuses on lemon/meringue/cream with a crust to make it complete. No single flavor is screaming out loud, it all comes together very neatly.

Would probably add a little vanillin next time to brighten the creamy bits a tiny bit.


@Suomynona Ok, you got me …

juicy lemon (vapable)

I’ve actually tried more than a few spinoffs of the DLLT, and liked them better than the original. I’m going to show yours some love once I figure out the whole juicy lemon thing, and wherever in the hell I can actually score some Custard Pi.


you can get it all at vapable.com (UK)
https://vapable.com/product/custard-pi-arte-italiano-flavour-concentrate/ if you want the cheap version


Ohhhhh, I’m a n00b, and didn’t realize Vapable was the manufacturer. :slight_smile:


https://chefsflavours.co.uk will sort you mate - you wont be able to get in nth america due to the DAAP bull crap they are doing there. Chefs will flat rate ship to you for 5gbp
unfortunately PI is out of stock atm


When you do order I would suggest you grab custard premium as well since it is soooo good.


orig bottle but also out of stock.

You could get it direct or from FA UK

the shipping is a little more from FA UK


Well I have FA Custard, does anyone know the differences between the Pi vs. not Pi ??


There’s actually a thread about their flavors

They sell a lot of flavors but still not as big as chefs. They do have their own flavor line and they’re not bad from what I’ve tried so far. I usually first pass by vapable and if they don’t have something I’ll go look at chefs.


Pi has citrus notes and isn’t as heavy imo


I get a faint cinnamon sugar note from it an an ever so slight lemon (more of a hint of zest than an actual lemon). But a good eggy European custard tart.


Vaping this at 16 days. Tasting pretty darn good, might up the Coconut a little. Getting good Cheesecake from this combo.

Mixing these tonight!