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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Yes that’s my recipe thank you! Now I’m going to adapt it by adding the .2% natural sweetener


Enjoy my friend, mix for yourself and you’ll be happy and making stuff you like soon.


The natural sweetener helps it a lot, more balanced & it has a nice mouth feel. It’s not a clone of my favourite premium eliquid Salted caramel custard by Leviathan but I will keep working @ that!


So I just mixed what was left of my 1st batch of Strawberry icecream shake & vape that was 5 days old with the ‘Salted caramel custard my way’ that was half filling my tank & together they taste pretty amazing! It doesn’t beat my custard Pavlova Cheesecake 'recipe though that’s still my all time favourite recipe as it’s even better than premium eliquids!


So now I’ve got my Custard Pavlova Cheesecake mix in with the sweetened salted caramel my way & it tastes much better. I’m hoping that more steep time for the Salted caramel custard my way’ will help!


come on man, don’t make me buy a DX caramel original for 0.5% :woozy_face:


Let me start with this, I went to work and all the sudden my nose started running, I felt dizzy and needed to go home early. Took a nap, woke up with a soar throat, stuffed and runny nose (i know right how does that work? lol), fever, cough and of course I can’t taste anything :frowning:

Something I really wanted for today, because I just got a order from BCF in and well guess we’re not flavor testing this weekend.

Anyways, so I decided I need to vape something but without tasting anything very hard.

Made this, and I won’t make it public because I don’t want people/newbies vaping it thinking its awesome, but if somebody gets a cold or sick like I’ve been today, this does really help. Percentages are all bumped up, it does clear your airways right away :rofl: SNV - throw away the moment you can taste something again, because this might be horrible then :wink:

Cold Cure!

Ingredient %
Creme de Menthe (Flavorah) 2.00
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 0.75
Polar Blast (FA) 0.50
Sweet Woodruff (Jungle Flavors) 1.00


Every time I see DX it makes me think of stocking up on the non-DX fearing it will be unavailable at some point. :8ball:


LOL sub it with the non DX. :slight_smile:


From your recipe notes:

No subs will work, and it has proven to be a very picky mix, with these exact percentages. Even small adjustments pull it off profile.

Don’t even have the non-DX version. Would FA be OK?


Hmmmm, I don’t think it would blow it up but I never mixed it with the FA. I think (failing memory) I had the DX on deck as Caramel Original had some sugars in it ?? Struggling to remember why that was the “one”.


I’ll just give it a try and maybe add some sweetness that FA is missing.
I can totally understand avoiding those sugars, that’s why I don’t use many FW flavors


Looking good, so far. Homing in on my Cheesecake base. Trying out adding a little Cream Cheese NF. It adds a silky creamy thing to it.

Btw, Black Cherry NF is totally badass! 2-4%


Mixed these up tonight! Good first impression.


So even after adding natural sweetener the salt really hits me in the face so have to lower the already low % of salt. So going down to .02% sea salt hopefully will help. Don’t know if I can dilute the 30mls I’ve made @ .05 sea salt or if after steeping for a lot longer it might calm down maybe? Being new to DIY & to using sea salt I don’t know what time will do to the mix? If anyone knows plz let me know? So I’m vaping the shake & vape Strawberry icecream today with 5 days steep time on it & it’s amazing! Wouldn’t change a thing?


Best not to use salt crystals use liquid saline.


I dissolved the sea salt in VG so that is a liquid solution. So what % of what would I use to make saline?


what % did you dissolve it at?


You shouldn’t dissolve sea salt, because some of them do still contain small particles of other stuff, that you don’t want in your juice. If you go that route, you will need to filter the solution at the end, or prior of adding.

Normally what you do is, bring distilled water to a boil, add a small amount of salt, boil for couple minutes let cool, bottle and keep it in the fridge. It’s normally a .9% solution.

To make that easier you can buy saline solutions on amazon, make sure it’s only saline nothing else. They run around $15.

Either with these or your own made solution, you would add 1 drop to 20ml of ejuice. If it’s tobacco/coffee/chocolates/peanut butter you can try 1 drop per 10ml if the other one is not strong enough.

It doesn’t need to steep, the effect will be there right away, it does also not fade, adding it at the end of beginning won’t matter. If you over do it, you can’t “steep” it out lol.

Saline shouldn’t be used as set percentage, especially not at .5% imo :tired_face:

There’s also only a couple applications saline could/would be useful, I strongly advise reading up on it, before diluting stuff in vg and then throw a set percentage in your juice, without even knowing what it does or the purpose would be.


Digging this after 1 week and most of the ingredients dont fully develop for a few more weeks so it should get better. If i could only leave it alone!

I moved this from private wips thread