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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Swapping strawberry out for a different flavor works quite well most of the time.I’ve tried a couple myself and I’ve thought of trying Pumpkin Spice but just haven’t gotten there yet.

Butterscotch in this is sweetening by means of richness and also it gives the creams and other notes a bit of separation. It is not a top note and can be subbed for a caramel but know that using caramel or butterscotch does put a nice bow on this recipe. You don’t have to have it but if you leave it out it will change the recipe performance a little.


Awesome, thanks!!


Hi everyone,

Just mixed myself some AMARETTO by Flavormonks.
Cant wait…

Anyone tryed it ? i love that drink … :smiley:

Vaping on the CREAM VIII atm, all my mixes are still steeping … :expressionless:


White Gummy Bear-

Golden Pineapple (CAP) .7%
Gummy Candy (Purilum) 2.50%
Pitaya (INAWERA) .08%

pretty good, not my recipe though. just adjusted to my taste with what i had on hand.


yeah it was probably me, i do that from time to time. my apologies. i will state it if it hasn’t been made usually pending ingredients, but i always do make them


Hehehehe I don’t think you were the one who triggered my “outburst”…But there’s a reason I didn’t mention names (I didn’t want to “name and shame” for starters…) and it’s primarily due to the chances that as those new people get the hang of things (and the ideas behind why it’s frequently more helpful to do some things in a certain way) they will hopefully provide the community with their own wonderful contributions! :smiley:

Appreciate both the “self-acknowledgement” and the apology (though unnecessary)! But I would still think it would be better to leave recipe ideas that remain “untested” as private. :wink: JMHO, and YMMV.

PS: to be clear, I was only referring to ideas in the recipe database. Not ideas shared with the forum! :wink:


Made this yesterday. Nice.Simple.Tasty.


I’m liking this so far!


I mumble this to myself alot when using the DB. I am sure you wont mind but iam copying since the point was so elegantly worded.


I found a 2 month old bottle of this, oh man it’s so yummy! I looooove that purilum vanilla bourbon with cream!


I didn’t have the cake batter but gave it a shot anyways. One can never have too much marshmallow :smiley:


How different is Vanilla Ice Cream from VBIC (fw, tpa, cap)?
I wanted to give it a shot but I’m missing out on the vanilla ice cream.


I just mixed up a new version of a recipe I’m working on, Fried Hydrox. I’m poor and can’t afford Oreos. And I’m vaping the original version right now. Tastes good, but a little donutty.


I am vaping:

and mixing:


Experimenting with strawberry mixes. Got some serious vaper’s tongue.


Blue Voodoo clone, kinda, sorta … It’s evolved over time. In a Pulse 22 on a Therion 75C Squonker. Ahhhhh. Looks good, feels good, tastes good. Vaping is love…


I think the VBIC has more vanilla flavor, but I think you should be able to sub one of the others. I’m actually thinking of adding some Vanilla Swirl (tpa) or something of the like to it, but it’s pretty tasty as is.


Vaping (WIP) Tri-beta v2.2 private recipe



2% Fruit Circles Capella SilverLine
1% Whipped Marshmallow Capella SilverLine

tastes pretty good right as it is. wonder what it will taste like in a week


Another 100ml of Strawnana, still had another 50ml steeping but that’ll be gone before the next batch is steeped.

Giving this a try too…

Looks like a lot of flavor but what the heck… can always dilute if necessary :smiley:

Still looking for something else to mix so I might check in later aggain.