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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


That blue dolphin is gorgeous!!! :thumbsup:


Bookmarked. BTW, how did this work out for you?

Never heard the term “creamed honey” (or any of the variant terms) before now. But from the description, it sure sounds like what we refer to as honey-butter down south. Is it the same? Or just in the same family? (Sorry if you already addressed this in the thread, but I’m only at post 1790, and obviously have a ways to go to catch up)

Also, thanks @MysticRose for sharing your variation of this that you found! =)


Man, the quality is awful, if they actually
Screwed the top and base to the resin/stab wood centre it might actually be one of the best to buy but they threw this together for the $$$, hits well if you can keep the mod in one piece :+1:


Appreciate the info!

The more I see, and the more I hear, the more I think I’d be better off finding a solid (actually functional) set of guts to build my own wood chassis for.

/seriously considering doing this with my Cuboid guts.


Well i LOVE honey so just some minor tweaks i think. Tweaks would mostly involve the cream %s being just a bit higher and maybe dropping the Honey Bee to .05%.

Creamed honey is just honey that has crystallized in a different way than what happens while in the cupboard. It is very creamy and smooth but it is just honey but its consistency varies depending on the crystal sizes and the environment temperature where it is stored.

Honey vapes are tough, just a tiny bit to much and pew/yuck. Most people are used to honey “syrup” they buy in the store, i buy honey from apiaries unpasteurized and raw, mmmm. That is what i was shooting for here, close but not quite.


Do you have tasting notes for walts newer flavorings ie frosted animal cookie? Marshmallow candy? Or any others. Thank you


Very much appreciate your clarification on what you were trying to describe in the post I replied to before! I’m glad I asked, as now I understand that it’s definitely not honey butter (as I was thinking it might be from the earlier description)! :wink:

As far as the “honey syrup” (aka the processed crap that is “illegally” labeled and sold as honey on the store shelves by “today’s standards” [HA! If you can call them ‘standards’…given the liberties taken]) I’m with you. I grew up on fresh from the hive honey (unprocessed). And that’s the only thing that will ever qualify to me as being able to be called honey.

Looks like my search continues for “honey butter”!
:grin: Guess when I can eventually get the order together that includes FA Butter and FLV honey (or whatever the variant is named)…I’ll be giving that a whirl! :wink:


Vaping the eliquid Ilusions Medusa
(bought the eliquid :slight_smile:)

Mixed :
Colonel Custard 30ml
Banane Cream 10ml
Red Astaire 30ml
Alienor 20ml (10ml with diff nic levels)
Royal Dew 10ml
Tallak 20ml

mixed alot today :smiley:
Different steep times so playing the waiting game atm.


Nailed it! :wink:
(at least, not in anything more than 15ml, unless you’re already on the right track!)

To “John Q. Newbie” (and only where the shoe fits):

Now! If we could just get some of these people who make a fucking recipe public before they’ve even tasted it to stop… /smh & facepalm

Saw one a few hours ago who shared a recipe previously, then came back later and said it turned out to be crap, only to turn around and post another recipe and clearly stated “not mixed yet”. WTF

Ideas on scratchpad are great! Hell, even required for some of us, but please don’t make it public (in the database) until you’ve at least effing tested it!!


The subs you made does not change the profile at all, maybe strawberry flavor maybe a small bit different but will not change the profile. INW Tiramisu is a tad stronger than FA but essentially tastes exactly the same so no profile change whatsoever here with your subs.


I was hoping so. I didn’t have much doubt about the Tiramisu, more about the strawberry. Did some reading and both sisha and sweet seem to have a similar flavor profile.

Bottle is half gone and I did my best not to touch it, need to make another one to see what it’s like when steeped :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve thought about this a lot for my best description of answering people when they ask how this SB latte steeps out. The profile stays the same only better as it matures. For me, after it steeps a couple of weeks the strawberries,butterscotch, fa custard and cocoa/espresso note in the Tiramisu meshes in such a way that it ends up tasting more like a strawberry chocolate mocha truffle moose kind of thing (it’s the best explanation I can come up with) and the vienna cream, fresh cream and shisha vanilla swirl in some creamy vanilla whipped cream making this oh so dreamy. Sounds weird but this is what it tastes like steeped to myself. Yea it’s good early but a 2 week steep will be worth the wait.

BTW, I made this recipe a long time before I ever posted it here and it has been in my rotation ever since I created it. I was actually trying for a Strawberry Chocolate Mocha Cake when I came up with the idea. I knew that Tiramisu has chocolate notes which we all love with strawberry and know they pair well. I tried several different creams and vanillas before I settled for what it is now, which as before mentioned wasn’t supposed to be a latte but it seemed to fit better than what I was shooting for.


Great job, definitely going into my favorite stash
The fact that this works so well as a SNV makes it even so much better.


Since you guys are talking about that recipe, I’ve got a couple questions. Have you ever used this as a base for other coffee drinks without the strawberries? I was thinking about using it as a start to a pumpkin spice latte. And is the butterscotch a crucial aspect of the coffee/latte base, or is it more of a top note? (TIA!)


Always missing one flavor! Looks really good!


@Beaufort_Batches I’m actually having a hard time trying to find the INW Tiramisu. Can find plenty of vendors with FA Tiramisu… Straight swap ?


Sorry @Beaufort_Batches I missed this ^^^^


Trying out another mix sent by @R113, and this one’s a winner as well.


thanks mister. glad you like it. its a lighter taste but very good i think and wont gunk coils!:grinning:


I’ve been switching back and forth all day. In the OBS I have peach tea and I just loaded up my OBS Crius with milk and cookies.