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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


I’m sure it’s delicious! Just choco-free😉


Lol. Check out version one. It will be more to your liking. I put the link in the description of version two. Personally I think version one is better.


I’ve been working on this one for a while, went through a few coffee flavors to find the perfect fit. It’s still private, only because I need to transfer my written notes to it. I am really happy with how it turned out, it’s not a strong coffee, it’s light and delicious.


I want a piece of this please! :grinning:


Mixed up a batch of Watermelon Strawberry (gotta come up with a better name) and Banana Colada.


How about…
Water Straw…? Lol sounds borring… :laughing:
Naming recipes is half the fun! :wink:


It’s the first time I mixed it. Maybe something will pop into my head when I vape it.


Smores cupcake wonder flavors is really good. I just got some of that the other day. I mixed a 10ml tester and went through it in an evening and mixed another 10ml and it’s gone again. Guess I need to mix a 30ml!


What percentage did you mix at? I’m curious if they really are super concentrates.


The first one I did at 2.5 and the second one I did at 3%. They were pretty much shake and vape. I don’t know how they last through a steep.


You’ve got a couple of problems here.

One is a simple misspelling, the other is you’re adding flavors to the database (which then has to be cleaned up) which are already there. Unfortunately (for you, and others who favorite it), this also has the unintended side effect of your recipe being altered when the database does correct the error, since the flavors you used (as you have them listed currently) will cease to exist, which means they won’t be listed in the recipe later.

Gram should be corrected to Graham.

And the easiest way to add flavors without polluting the database, is to use the drop-down menu, and start by typing the basic flavor name first (ie: Marshmallow) then you can add the first letter (or two) of the brand name, and then click on the recommended match. It will automatically fill out the form from there. :slight_smile:

Great looking recipe though, and I appreciate your sharing it!


Did a few one shots today :grinning:
Steep time commenced …


And now for a test …

Because the nicoboost charts are not acurate imo, i tried to get the right amount in a 10ml flask.
In my country, e-liquids above 10ml are forbiden to be sold with nicotine inside.
Some e-liquids are not availeble in 10ml so they come in 30ml. Trick then is to nicoboost the juice which you have to buy seperatly in 10ml flasks.
I am testing this atm , not sure what the outcome will be cause some nicotine adding can realy destroy your flavor.

30Ml 12 Monkeys Congo cream 0mg nic.(30/70 PG/VG)
=> 10ml test + nicoboost.

Keep you posted :wink:


Just so ya know, the flavors in recipes get replaced by the flavor they are merged into.


@RobQ I think this is what @Sprkslfly was talking about …


So that’s been fixed then?!! =D

I just remember reading reports about flavors disappearing from recipes (post merge) previously, and thought it important to warn of the potential loss!

Thanks for correcting me! :thumbsup:


Ooooooh this looks good . I must stop stalking your recipes. Its getting costly. :smile:


Lol. You did the same thing I did! :wink:
And yes sir! That’s the one (I thought I linked the “offending post” or errors rather when I replied).
Thanks for covering me!


I think that was something different. Now, there is a chance that any notes you had will be lost if you have both a dupe and a real flavor in your inventory. It will keep the info on the real one, I believe.


Ummmm, I can’t fix his recipe, was just trying to show him what you meant. Created a dup with the corrected flavor.